March 13, 2014

Favorite Things of Winter

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This winter’s been a season of storms here in Chicagoland.  Thank goodness it’ll be over soon.  Right?! Soon???

So my favorite things of winter?  Lots of warm~

1. Land’s End Coat:  Let’s face it, you need a puffer coat up here, frostbite is not a good look for anyone.  But it’s nice to have on that’s not the ubiquitous black that I see on everyone else~


2. Born Boots: These I got years ago, they’re lined in flannel and so warm!


3. Gold Owl Earrings: I inherited these from my grandmother.  Adorable gold owl studs~


4. My crockpot and this recipe~


5. Cozy foxy flannel pajamas.  (No idea where these came from, they were a gift.) Toasty warm!



March 19, 2013

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Ah, we have yet more snow today in Chicagoland…

Image courtesy of Matthieu Forichon

Image courtesy of Matthieu Forichon

Winter isn’t done with us yet.

But I’m just about done with winter, I want to feel warm again!  Or at least less frozen~

My solution to this problem?  Flannel Lined Work Pants!  I didn’t even know these existed(all the exclamation marks)


Man these things are like wearing pajamas.  I may never take them off~

February 20, 2013

Cold Weather Inspiration

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Despite the cold weather, I still want to show off my style.  Unfortunately, some days the only style you see is the ubiquitous big black puffer coat, and wet snow boots.  But there are options, for the more aesthetically minded!  (Just remember to layer, and have an insulated coat~)

Here are some of my winter weather inspirations:

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Chilly, yet classy!  Look at that ice; hope she’s got spikes on those boots~

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

And that’s layering done right!  I’m in love with the cravat~ AND THE FINGERLESS MITTENS!

Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Warm hats cannot be underrated when planning a cold weather outfit.  Also, I used to own that exact same coat…and it was awesome!

Winterwear doesn’t have to be boring!  Shake it up.  Shake it, shake it, shake it, girl, make sure you don’t break it girl~ (No really, don’t break it, those sidewalks are covered in ice so be careful)



September 23, 2012

Spring Forward, Fall is Back!

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The weather has turned seriously cold now, so it’s time to pack away all the lightweight summer things, and pull out all the winter favorites from storage.  It’s also time to take stock of the wardrobe and decide what you really need for the season.

So here’s what I pulled out:

3- sweater coats, 4-lightweight thermal tops, 2-heavyweight thermal tops, 1-long dress, 2-lightweight sweaters, 3-longsleeve shirts

And a partridge in a pear tree~


So what am I missing?  (This season’s must haves are dictated by the fact that I’m freaking freezing, and warm ~is~ more important than fashionable.  However, it is possible to be both).  So,  I’m thinking more heavyweight thermal tops, a heavyweight flannel button up: (I resisted the flannel plaid trend for years, but have decided to give in finally)

Let’s face it, this trend isn’t going anywhere~

a heavyweight sweater like this awesome ombre knit: (this one’s a little expensive, so I may try to DIY this later)


a warm winter coat (the North Face is very popular up here in Chicagoland, but…)

It’s cold in Chicagoland, I just wanna be warm!

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