March 31, 2014

The Ides of March ~ Purchases

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It looks like the long blah winter is (belatedly) coming to an end.  In march I finally started to feel  like I was ready to bring some new pieces home.  Aaaaand instead of being thoughtful about it, I just wandered out and snagged whatever looked good to me (within budget).  But I think I needed that; I’ve been feeling really disconnected from my style-sense, and this just helped me clean out the cobwebs.  So here’s what the March winds blew in.

I can see from my somewhat whimsical purchasing that I’m really craving some new silhouettes, a more flowy look.  I’m also thinking it’s time for my wardrobe to get an updated color palette.  Maybe next post.


May 11, 2013

Spring Wishlist

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I’m stuck at home, recovering from dentistry.  I really deserve a reward for sucking it up and going through all of that, so here’s my top 5 spring wishlist wants.  Hmmm, which should I get?

This embroidered tunic?

NMT6B76_mxThese gorgeous flats?



This sweet jacket?



An awesome scarf?


Or a cool kindle cover?



Decisions, decisions~

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