April 7, 2014

DIY Monday: Lace Strip Sweater

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DIY Monday is now brought to you by thursday.  And the letter L~ (tl:dr diymonday’s hiatus is over)

The lace panel trend is not going anywhere, tbh.  And why should it?  It’s fabulous!  Also a great way to add texture to an outfit (and some interest to an otherwise plain wardrobe staple.  Like this Loft sweater:



I fell in love with this gorgeous antique lace, and bought it without a specific project in mind.  But it’s a perfect match with my new sweater~


Trim lace to fit (but leave a little extra to fold under and in case fabric stretches).  Then pin the lace to the sweater.  Be sure to center the lace carefully, so you don’t end up with an unfortunately crooked result~


Then just pop it in your sewing machine and straight stitch.  You could even do this by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.  And voila!


Super-easy diy lace strip sweater.


March 31, 2014

The Ides of March ~ Purchases

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It looks like the long blah winter is (belatedly) coming to an end.  In march I finally started to feel  like I was ready to bring some new pieces home.  Aaaaand instead of being thoughtful about it, I just wandered out and snagged whatever looked good to me (within budget).  But I think I needed that; I’ve been feeling really disconnected from my style-sense, and this just helped me clean out the cobwebs.  So here’s what the March winds blew in.

I can see from my somewhat whimsical purchasing that I’m really craving some new silhouettes, a more flowy look.  I’m also thinking it’s time for my wardrobe to get an updated color palette.  Maybe next post.

December 3, 2012

Five Best: Fall Thrift Store Finds

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Ah, vintage, my not-so-secret passion~  Chicagoland has great vintage and thrift shops!  They key to great thrifiting is to a)have some idea of what you want and b) if it thrills you, buy it!  So here are my five fall favorite thrift purchases:

1) Leather Trench: I was looking for something with a little 9th doctor flavor, and I found this awesome leather trench last year, whilst shopping with the always awesome Ll.  She is, of course, the guru of thrifting, and had a coupon too!  I discovered that the lining was ripped when I got it home (always a risk with thrifting) but I sewed up the tears and haven’t regretted it!

2. Banana Republic Cardigan: a basic black Silk/Cashmere blend of perfection!  I don’t know who donated this item, but bless you!  It went to a good home~63992b43b7cc87a6f914f969b6109013_best

3. Tommy Hilfiger Knotical Print Button Up: This was perfectly tailored, fit me right off the rack with no alterations.  I can’t tell you how rare that is.  And such a cute print!


4. Grey Loft Trousers:  comfortable, versatile, and a size smaller than I usually wear: perfect~  This is one of the pieces I purchased for my new-dress-code wardrobe, and I probably wear them twice a week.

5. American Eagle Pointelle Sweater: an unusual a-line sweater, this is thin enough to work really well as a layering piece.  I loved it so much I bought it in two different colors: grey and purple! I love the subtle texture of the pointelle knit.


Some notes for thrifting: keep in mind what can be fixed and what can’t.  For example, mild pilling can be removed with a pill comb, major pilling is a pain, so decide how much time you want to spend “fixing” something before you buy.  Simple alterations can really make your secondhand treasures shine!  But if it needs too much work it will just languish in the fix-it pile.

November 2, 2012

Go To Outfits

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The new dress code is in full swing at work, so I have been working hard to figure out new go to outfits for those early mornings when I’m just not awake enough to make decisions~

So here are my five easy-peasy no-thought-required colorfree outfits:

1. Tartan Scarf w/ Old Navy Trousers 2. Loft Top and Bottom w/Belt 3. Loft Top w/Argyle Sweater 4. Star Scarf w/Black Shimmer Sweater 5. Gap Plaid Top w/Banana Republic Cardi

The main thing these all have in common (besides being achromatic) is that they’re all WARM outfits, the temp is always crazy cold where I work~

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