April 3, 2014

Role Models

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I really like and admire this trend: “real” people as models (which is not to imply that models aren’t people or aren’t real)

But it’s refreshing to see a company step back from the photoshop; and for me, personally, makes it easier to see how I would wear items.



March 24, 2014

It’s Officially Spring!…Cleaning

Like all those who need a hand getting dressed, I keep a file of style inspiration.  Mine is on the computer.  But lately, it’s gotten a little big and bulky.  So in the interest of slimming down, and actually being able to find the image I’m looking for occasionally, I’m going to clean it the heck out.  Here are some of the not-quite-keepers:


It’s very…cute.  And girly.  But it’s absolutely wrong for my closet.  Why did I even save it; was there a project in the works??  Delete.

tumblr_mfp8h62uPB1qan456o1_500I honestly think I saved this just because I liked her expression.

Theres Alexandersson FBSI have a million pics of ladies dressed all in black.  How much “dread pirate roberts” inspiration does one woman need?  Out it goes.

tamara01It must have been the hat.  Because I sure didn’t save this one for the mustard colored pants.  There couldn’t possibly be a color that would look worse on me!

streetstyle_1_fashion_week_322Wait, is that…a romper?  Ooooh, dear.  I’ll just delete this quietly. Let us never speak of this again~

56 images later…oh yeah, empty the recycling bin.  Spring cleaning; check!

Tune in next time for a peek at the stuff I kept~ the best of the style file~

February 25, 2014

February Inspiration

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Maybe it’s because of the long, grim winter but I am really craving color right now.  My landscape right now is just grey, grey, and more grey.  Dreary.

So February’s inspiration is all about tones, hues, and highlights!  Enjoy~

Images Courtesy of Art of Animation, Met Museum, the Sartorialist, and Vogue Mexico

Images Courtesy of Art of Animation, Met Museum, the Sartorialist, and Vogue Mexico

January 13, 2014

January Inspiration

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The snow days of winter have certainly been hitting us hard in Chicagoland!  In between intense winter storms, freezing rain, and snow-packed streets, I haven’t had much time to think about style, fashion or much else besides surviving the drive to work~

So I’m definitely feeling the need for a little mid-winter inspiration.  January is all about urban layers~

Images courtesy of SeaOf Shoes, takmaj, and some fashion site i can't recall

Images courtesy of SeaOf Shoes, takmaj, and some fashion site i can’t recall

September 6, 2013

September Inspiration

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September is all about the remix!  Pattern, texture, hue: mix it up~  let’s see the unexpected…

So here’s what’s inspiring me:

September Inspiration

Image credits: theartofanimation, youlookfab, aforestssonariversdaughter, pinterest, altamira

This month is going to be very creative~

August 9, 2013

August Inspiration

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For August, I’m feeling whimsical.  Lush details, strongly hue-ed colors and touchably soft textures are what I want right now.  So here’s my August inspiration board:

Pictures from lookatme, thesartorialist, a forest's son a river's daughter, probably etsy, and phobs

Pictures from lookatme, thesartorialist, a forest’s son a river’s daughter, probably etsy, and phobs

August 3, 2013

Colorfree Friday

I know we all predicted that our no-color-allowed work dress code would be gone within a year, but this doesn’t seem to have happened.   Well, until it does, I’m still searching for inspiration in the black, white and grey hues.  Here’s some outfits that fit the bill~

Courtesy of YouLookFab

Courtesy of YouLookFab

I’m not sure how you manage to fit this much awesome into one pic, but well done!  I love the print on that dress, the funky glasses, and the shoes~ especially the shoes.

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

All grey can really work, if you add some sparkle and texture~ I’m going to try this sometime soon…

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer


~Skulls and Stars~  Cute or creepy, what do you think?  Both?  Either way, I want it!


June 3, 2013

June Inspiration

Holy crap, it’s June already!  When did that happen?!  (I think Mother Nature is confused, too, since the weather can’t decide if it’s summer, spring, or fall~)

I’ve been digging through my wardrobe, pulling out the summery and transition pieces that were packed away for the winter; trying to remember how I wore all of this stuff and get some new ideas for how to wear it now!~

So here’s what’s inspiring me this summer-spring-fall-ish season:

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

May 7, 2013

May Inspiration: Hair

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My hair is finally long again: so I have to ~do~ something with it!  My solution?  Braids!  Here is some inspiration for May’s hair:

I’ve also been wanting to try this tutorial for fabric maiden braids; doesn’t it look fun?



The most important thing is?  Not getting my hair caught in the machinery at work~!

February 21, 2013

Colorfree Friday: Jewelry Edition

Colorfree Friday is now brought to you by Wednesday.  And the number 9.

Jewelry and accessories have been a ~huge~ issue with the new work dress code.  All my work ladies love big sparkly shiny jewelry!  But we’re technically not allowed to wear gold; it’s all supposed to be black/white/grey.  No more emeralds, citrines or turquoise for us (sadness!)

Fortunately for me I’m a jewelrymaker (and I’ve been asked to make some stuff for the coworkers, which I’m happy to do!)  But if you don’t know a jeweler/DIY-er, here is some wonderful stuff in the monochromatic line:

Earrings, earrings, earrings, earrings!


But it’s not all earrings, the wrists need some bling, too~  How about this gorgeous bracelet?


And then, because too much is never enough (no but really less is more~) how about this statement necklace?


Great  jewelry in black and white can be found~  No dress code can limit my fabulousness!

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