April 3, 2014

Role Models

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I really like and admire this trend: “real” people as models (which is not to imply that models aren’t people or aren’t real)

But it’s refreshing to see a company step back from the photoshop; and for me, personally, makes it easier to see how I would wear items.



September 6, 2013

September Inspiration

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September is all about the remix!  Pattern, texture, hue: mix it up~  let’s see the unexpected…

So here’s what’s inspiring me:

September Inspiration

Image credits: theartofanimation, youlookfab, aforestssonariversdaughter, pinterest, altamira

This month is going to be very creative~

August 3, 2013

Colorfree Friday

I know we all predicted that our no-color-allowed work dress code would be gone within a year, but this doesn’t seem to have happened.   Well, until it does, I’m still searching for inspiration in the black, white and grey hues.  Here’s some outfits that fit the bill~

Courtesy of YouLookFab

Courtesy of YouLookFab

I’m not sure how you manage to fit this much awesome into one pic, but well done!  I love the print on that dress, the funky glasses, and the shoes~ especially the shoes.

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

All grey can really work, if you add some sparkle and texture~ I’m going to try this sometime soon…

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer


~Skulls and Stars~  Cute or creepy, what do you think?  Both?  Either way, I want it!


June 12, 2013

7 Pieces, 7 Outfits

I have too many clothes, yo.  It’s a problem.  Sadly, the real problem is I’m not smarter than my closet~

I’m tired of combing through my closet, pulling out tees and muttering “this shirt is problematic.”  So I’ve decided to try GCOGH’s 7×7 challenge.  Yes, I’m making seven different outfits with only 7 pieces, including shoes.  (These are obvs. casual outfits, as my work outfits are color-free, see previous posts for details~)  I got inspired by Putting Me Together, who is sweet and funny (and you should give her blog a read~)

The Lineup…

1. Anthropologie Cargo Vest (Originally a jacket) 2. Lululemon Embroidered Skirt 3. Green Loft Cardi 4. Target Marily Tee 5. Anthropologie Grey Skinny Jeans 6. Basic Black Ballet Flats 7. Old Navy White Button Up

1. Anthropologie Cargo Vest (Originally a jacket)
2. Lululemon Embroidered Skirt
3. Green Loft Cardi
4. Target Marily Tee
5. Anthropologie Grey Skinny Jeans
6. Basic Black Ballet Flats
7. Old Navy White Button Up

To keep things interesting, you can add the accessories of your choice.  So I threw on my scarves, made a bracelet, pulled out an old necklace, and my carved turquoise ring; generally mixed it up a bit…



I was surprised by how versatile the Lululemon skirt was; I’d really had trouble figuring out what to wear with it in the past.  I also had a lot of  fun with the cargo vest (which is my newest clothing purchase), this was really a great completer piece.  It’s also very practical because whenever I go hiking I’m always lamenting my lack of pockets.  Problem solved!

June 3, 2013

June Inspiration

Holy crap, it’s June already!  When did that happen?!  (I think Mother Nature is confused, too, since the weather can’t decide if it’s summer, spring, or fall~)

I’ve been digging through my wardrobe, pulling out the summery and transition pieces that were packed away for the winter; trying to remember how I wore all of this stuff and get some new ideas for how to wear it now!~

So here’s what’s inspiring me this summer-spring-fall-ish season:

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

February 21, 2013

Colorfree Friday: Jewelry Edition

Colorfree Friday is now brought to you by Wednesday.  And the number 9.

Jewelry and accessories have been a ~huge~ issue with the new work dress code.  All my work ladies love big sparkly shiny jewelry!  But we’re technically not allowed to wear gold; it’s all supposed to be black/white/grey.  No more emeralds, citrines or turquoise for us (sadness!)

Fortunately for me I’m a jewelrymaker (and I’ve been asked to make some stuff for the coworkers, which I’m happy to do!)  But if you don’t know a jeweler/DIY-er, here is some wonderful stuff in the monochromatic line:

Earrings, earrings, earrings, earrings!


But it’s not all earrings, the wrists need some bling, too~  How about this gorgeous bracelet?


And then, because too much is never enough (no but really less is more~) how about this statement necklace?


Great  jewelry in black and white can be found~  No dress code can limit my fabulousness!

December 29, 2012

DIY Earring Repurpose: Three of Three

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This is the last post starring ~these~awkward heavy earrings:


I chopped it into three, and have already created two new pairs with the top and middle segments.

This last pair has really been giving me inspiration block, I just couldn’t find the right thing(s) to pair it with.  I’ve been to every bead store in a 50 mile radius, trying to find juuuust the right bead or finding.  This segment has only a top connector, so this means that it ~has~ to be at the bottom. I finally found the perfect thing after pouring over every bead in the store at Chicago Beads: a lovely carved jade(?) rose. 


I really love how the texture of the green bead looks contrasted with the silver flower.

I’ve switched up the earring finding on this pair: #1 was a post, #2 was a leverback, and for #3 I decided to go with a hook. 

So~ Not too shabby, three new very different and completely unique earrings instead of one clunky heavy awkward thing I never wore.  Go DIY!  ~ Here’s the complete set, for comparison~


December 8, 2012

Blog Love!

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Wow, I haven’t had a blog love post in a long time!  But this blog is awesome-sauce!  Fashion From Old People is brought to you by a truely talented and exceptional artist! 

This just makes me happy everytime I see it!

This just makes me happy everytime I see it!

The artist gets inspiration from actual historical costumes.  tumblr_lciuexh6dT1qf7tkao1_500

November 14, 2012

Black & White: Now with added hilarity!

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I was recounting the hilarity that is my new workplace dress code to my brother (and maybe griping, just a little~); he responded that at least I don’t have his dress code.  Turns out military boots are really uncomfortable, and will “do a job on your feet after twenty years.”  Good point.  Hmmm, guess I should count my blessings!  (This is why I love my brother, he really has a way of putting stuff into perspective)

So here’s what’s inspiring me on the black/white front!

Image via the Met Museum

Not that I could wear this to work, but I do love the beading details and the clean lines~

This pic is all about the shoes (the sartorialist)

I could aaaaaalmost make this work at work…


(Oh, god, the puns almost write themselves)  Crazy, yes, BUT AWESOME!  Also probably more comfortable than my brother’s boots…~




October 31, 2012

Wardrobe Evaluation: Scarves

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This is the last post of October Wardrobe Evaluation!  TL:DR – I spent a month analyzing my closet piece by piece and deciding what to keep and what to give away.

And this last bit is the hardest.  I love my scarves, yo.  Which is why I have, no lie, 3 dozen of them.  Which is really too many, all things considered.  I don’t have the space to even see them all!  So, much as it pains me, I must weed.

Here’s the thing; I didn’t buy all these scarves.  About half of them were presents, because everybody knows twistedchic loves scarves!  It’s an easy present.  And I love the thought!  But a lot of the scarves that were given to me are polyester, or scratchy or otherwise… not so great.  They may be beautiful, but polyester won’t keep you warm, and nothing scratchy is worth wearing, no matter how pretty.  So I’m donating about 6 gift scarves.  Also getting donated are a few near duplicate scarves, things that are very similar to ones I already have, but don’t like as well.  After donation, I’ll be about 10 scarves lighter.  Also, I’m going to find a better way to display the scarves I do have, hanging off the closet isn’t really ideal…

Yay, the Wardrobe Evaluation is done!  This was a huge project and I’m really proud of myself that I got it all done.  Next month: new aquisitions! ~

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