March 31, 2014

The Ides of March ~ Purchases

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It looks like the long blah winter is (belatedly) coming to an end.  In march I finally started to feel  like I was ready to bring some new pieces home.  Aaaaand instead of being thoughtful about it, I just wandered out and snagged whatever looked good to me (within budget).  But I think I needed that; I’ve been feeling really disconnected from my style-sense, and this just helped me clean out the cobwebs.  So here’s what the March winds blew in.

I can see from my somewhat whimsical purchasing that I’m really craving some new silhouettes, a more flowy look.  I’m also thinking it’s time for my wardrobe to get an updated color palette.  Maybe next post.


December 21, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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It’s the weekend before Christmas, and I know a lot of people haven’t gotten all their presents yet, judging by how crowded the parking lots are.  So if you’re looking for a last minute gift, here are some recommendations for anyone on your list:

Land’s End Gloves:



Gloves are great for guys and gals, and everyone loses them, so they’re always welcome!

Or how about this adorable hoodie?



So cute and unique~

Foodie treats are *always* a great present.  I’d love to get this:

TJs-Joe-Joes-VarietyI love me some Trader Joe’s cookies.  These look fabulous!

Or how about something for the chef in your life?



I have the white one, (a present from an awesome friend’s mom!) and I use it constantly!  These are great and last forever~

So good luck shopping out there, and remember that what really counts is the love behind the gift.


July 20, 2013

A Splash of Color

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Some fashion forecasters have come up with a list of up-and-coming colors for 2013, all helpfully charted out on the Pantone color scale~


So we’re halfway through the year, still it’s never too late to infuse a little color into your wardrobe, household or lifestyle~  Try a little mix and match, many of the colors above would look fabulous paired up!

This cardigan has a little bit of Linen, Nectarine and Poppy Red:

d413d62c1f2a5d80ec319b61e373b609Or how about these lovely shoes in Tender Shoots?


And some nice asymmetrical earrings in Monaco Blue:


Something I really want is a maxi dress, here’s a beautifully draped one in dusk blue:


And you can never have too many tee’s so here’s my favorite Gap pocket version in African Violet (and it’s on sale!):


So go out and enjoy your colors!

June 12, 2013

7 Pieces, 7 Outfits

I have too many clothes, yo.  It’s a problem.  Sadly, the real problem is I’m not smarter than my closet~

I’m tired of combing through my closet, pulling out tees and muttering “this shirt is problematic.”  So I’ve decided to try GCOGH’s 7×7 challenge.  Yes, I’m making seven different outfits with only 7 pieces, including shoes.  (These are obvs. casual outfits, as my work outfits are color-free, see previous posts for details~)  I got inspired by Putting Me Together, who is sweet and funny (and you should give her blog a read~)

The Lineup…

1. Anthropologie Cargo Vest (Originally a jacket) 2. Lululemon Embroidered Skirt 3. Green Loft Cardi 4. Target Marily Tee 5. Anthropologie Grey Skinny Jeans 6. Basic Black Ballet Flats 7. Old Navy White Button Up

1. Anthropologie Cargo Vest (Originally a jacket)
2. Lululemon Embroidered Skirt
3. Green Loft Cardi
4. Target Marily Tee
5. Anthropologie Grey Skinny Jeans
6. Basic Black Ballet Flats
7. Old Navy White Button Up

To keep things interesting, you can add the accessories of your choice.  So I threw on my scarves, made a bracelet, pulled out an old necklace, and my carved turquoise ring; generally mixed it up a bit…



I was surprised by how versatile the Lululemon skirt was; I’d really had trouble figuring out what to wear with it in the past.  I also had a lot of  fun with the cargo vest (which is my newest clothing purchase), this was really a great completer piece.  It’s also very practical because whenever I go hiking I’m always lamenting my lack of pockets.  Problem solved!

June 8, 2013

Colorfree Friday

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The color-free dress-code is still in full force at work (although we were all hoping it would go away, quietly. sigh)  I’ve gotten so bored with my work outfits, I never wear anything fun anymore.


The season is changing, and it’s time to recommit to finding black, white and grey inspiration ( in a summer weight fabrics~)

Image courtesy of the Sartorialist

Image courtesy of the Sartorialist

Black and white, with checkerboard trousers. A nice mix of modern and classic.  I should buy some.  I’ve decided checkerboards are cool~

Image courtesy of Altamira

Image courtesy of Altamira

DRAMA! FRILLS!  EXCITEMENT! Of course I could never wear this to work.  But it’s just such fun~

And this next skirt is just batty…

ad58a1d4401d7e4368410b4734882b04But I kinda want it!

(Yeah, bad puns are kinda a thing now, right? Okay.)

June 3, 2013

June Inspiration

Holy crap, it’s June already!  When did that happen?!  (I think Mother Nature is confused, too, since the weather can’t decide if it’s summer, spring, or fall~)

I’ve been digging through my wardrobe, pulling out the summery and transition pieces that were packed away for the winter; trying to remember how I wore all of this stuff and get some new ideas for how to wear it now!~

So here’s what’s inspiring me this summer-spring-fall-ish season:

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

Images courtesy of Phobs, Sea of Shoes, Altamira, Met Museum, and Burberry

May 11, 2013

Spring Wishlist

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I’m stuck at home, recovering from dentistry.  I really deserve a reward for sucking it up and going through all of that, so here’s my top 5 spring wishlist wants.  Hmmm, which should I get?

This embroidered tunic?

NMT6B76_mxThese gorgeous flats?



This sweet jacket?



An awesome scarf?


Or a cool kindle cover?



Decisions, decisions~

April 29, 2013

Textile Love

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I love vintage textiles and handmade things.  So, of course, I adore hand-embroidered handkerchiefs~  (I inherited one from my grandfather; a lovely soft thing, embroidered with his initial).  So when I saw a little white on white handkerchief at the antique store with a tiny R on it, I pounced on it!  And got a few more, too, why not?


The initialed pieces are called monograms, and white thread on a white background, like this, is called whitework.  This handkerchief has floral and fleur-de-lis embellishments.


This one was just blue and pretty, so why not?


Embroidery is a fascinating artform, (where else can you find art you’re supposed  to touch!) and here’s some more information, for those interested~

February 13, 2013

Adventures in Grey!

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You all know how much I love cardigans (hint, it’s a lot!) so I’m really excited about my new cardigan.  I’m always looking for something warm to wear to work, and I was happy to find a nice grey cardigan.  Banana Republic is one of my favorite brands (Ll says that stuff wears like iron!  Errr, not uncomfortable like iron, but long lasting like iron) so this was an instant yes.  Even better; it’s a lightweight wool blend, so it’s a great layering piece.


I love the pockets and the button details! A cardi like this is also incredibly versatile, grey goes with literally everything, and looks good on everyone.  It also works well paired with other greys (I tried it out~) so there’s no tone-matching with this like you might have to do wearing black on black.

Grey on grey on grey, see~

Grey on grey on grey, see~

(You can’t tell from this pic, but I also have on my new silver and pearl earrings, more on those later~)

February 9, 2013

Colorfree Friday

To recap: We’re not allowed to wear color where I work, only black, white and grey.  Thus was born…Colorfree Fridays!  A celebration of all things colorless to remind us that limitations can also be inspiring.

So here’s what’s inspiring me this week!

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Leather with flannel, there’s a twist on an old classic!

Image Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Image Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

The hat is awesome.  I probably ~couldn’t~ wear it at work.

8e452438e791de74dbdf684ff99a5ed2And a whimsical necklace, because why not? Just look at that little guy (~help me I’m trapped in a hot air balloon!~)

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