May 7, 2013

May Inspiration: Hair

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My hair is finally long again: so I have to ~do~ something with it!  My solution?  Braids!  Here is some inspiration for May’s hair:

I’ve also been wanting to try this tutorial for fabric maiden braids; doesn’t it look fun?



The most important thing is?  Not getting my hair caught in the machinery at work~!


July 26, 2012

Hair Repair/ Delicious Products

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True story: I dye the bejeezus out of my hair.  Which means it feels like straw afterwards.  Which I hate, so I attempt to solve through the judicious use of product.  And since I’ve been dying my hair since I was fifteen, I can call myself something of an expert on hair recovery.

First of all, I hate hairspray.  It smells bad, it’s literally one of the worst things to clean off your glasses, and no-one likes the texture.  So I refuse to use it.  Still, I have to use something, or my hair would look like I habitually stick forks into electric sockets.  So.  Here we go:

1. Silk Elements Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise.  I use it right after I dye, and about twice a month in between dye jobs.  Ignore the label directions: I put a glob of it into my wet hair at night, and then wash it out the next morning.

2. Proclaim Olive Moisturizing Creme.   I essentially use this as styling mousse.  Just a dip of the fingers, then run it through my wet hair.  It smells pretty good, too.  Kind of natural.  Not perfume-y.

3. Occasionally I will use Proclaim Cholesterol pretty much just like I use the Olive Moisturizing Cream.  I used to use this wonderful olive oil repair cream, but they discontinued it, leading to my sadness.  Why Proclaim, why!?

4. Almond Oil.  Sometimes I like to switch it up, so I’ll use straight up Almond Oil to style my hair; pour a tiny bit on my hands and run my fingers through my hair.  It makes my hair very glossy, and it smells like dessert.

So basicly, yeah.  You can dye and still have your hair look somewhat healthy.  Just stay away from the bleach, that stuff rots your brain.

We all know it’s Clairol red, Hipster Ariel. You’re not fooling anyone.


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