August 22, 2013

August Projects

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August has been very empty here, because I’m currently working on filling several commisions~

My friend H is getting married, but couldn’t find anything she liked to wear with her dress.  So I stepped in to the rescue!

Here’s her necklace:


It’s mother of pearl, seed pearls, and some beautiful aventurine rectangular beads.  Sweet H wanted something a little bit funky for her country-themed wedding.  She’s also wearing cowboy boots with her dress, which is just adorable~

I’ve also made her earrings and a bracelet to match, and am working on necklaces for each of her five bridesmaids~  Her accent color is yellow, and finding that in pearls has proven quite a challenge.  I’m thinking of substituting honey opals instead, if I can find some.

Updates to come!



May 27, 2013

DIY Spoon Earrings: 2 of 3

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Spoon Earrings 2: Electric Boogaloo!  No, but seriously, these are my favorite.  I loved the embellished middle part of the spoons, and couldn’t wait to try making earrings with these pieces.  They look lovely with some little rectangular chips of malachite I got right here in Chicagoland.


For this project you will need: earwires, eyepins, spacer chain, the middle section of your spoons, and two beads.  Plus the assorted tools, plyers, snippers, etc.

You’ve already drilled the holes for the spoon mid section, before you chopped up the spoon, so to finish this part, just round out the top and bottom edges, then sand and finish as in the above picture.

Thread your first bead through the eyepin, then make a large loop at the bottom, leaving some space to wrap the excess wire around.  Before you start to wrap, slide the spoon bit onto the large loop, then wrap the top so this piece is secured.


 Thread the next eyepin through the second bead, then put a loop at the bottom.  Attach your two beads with the spacer chain, and fix the entire length onto the earwire.



December 29, 2012

DIY Earring Repurpose: Three of Three

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This is the last post starring ~these~awkward heavy earrings:


I chopped it into three, and have already created two new pairs with the top and middle segments.

This last pair has really been giving me inspiration block, I just couldn’t find the right thing(s) to pair it with.  I’ve been to every bead store in a 50 mile radius, trying to find juuuust the right bead or finding.  This segment has only a top connector, so this means that it ~has~ to be at the bottom. I finally found the perfect thing after pouring over every bead in the store at Chicago Beads: a lovely carved jade(?) rose. 


I really love how the texture of the green bead looks contrasted with the silver flower.

I’ve switched up the earring finding on this pair: #1 was a post, #2 was a leverback, and for #3 I decided to go with a hook. 

So~ Not too shabby, three new very different and completely unique earrings instead of one clunky heavy awkward thing I never wore.  Go DIY!  ~ Here’s the complete set, for comparison~


October 1, 2012

DIY Monday: Crimp Tubes

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Crimp tubes, in case you are wondering, are a tiny jewelry finding used for the ends of chains.  I’ve never used them before, so this was a fun project for me! I decided to make a pair of earrings using a beautiful piece of leftover chain and some white fossil beads.

I’m not kidding, yo, these babies are tiny!

In order to use these you are going to need a pair of crimp pliers (pictured below, top left).

These are my awesome beading pliers and snippers

Crimp tubes are used to put an end piece onto chains, so you can attach the fastenings.  You simply insert the chain into the end of the tube, and crimp.  Not too tight!

Extreme beading closeup! So sexy!

You snip the chain to the desired length and attach crimp tubes to each end.  Then I simply put a headpin through the fossil beads and attached them to the chains.  Voila!

Love those beads!

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