April 16, 2014

Beautiful Thing of the Week

This lovely necklace seems almost too beautiful to wear~  I totally would, though!

blue-frost-twisted-glass-necklace (1)


Or there’s the black option…just as gorgeous, but a bit more dark and mysterious~

black-frost-twisted-glass-necklaceOr this last one, I also love!




June 17, 2013

Beautiful Thing of the Week

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I am in love with this bracelet:

mimage_5So gorgeous!  And with a cool, unique sea-monster vibe~

(If you want to see some truly drool-inducing jewelry, check out the artist here)

March 19, 2013

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Ah, we have yet more snow today in Chicagoland…

Image courtesy of Matthieu Forichon

Image courtesy of Matthieu Forichon

Winter isn’t done with us yet.

But I’m just about done with winter, I want to feel warm again!  Or at least less frozen~

My solution to this problem?  Flannel Lined Work Pants!  I didn’t even know these existed(all the exclamation marks)


Man these things are like wearing pajamas.  I may never take them off~

February 7, 2013

Art Love

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I am so inspired by this artist: Matthieu Forichon.  The website is in French, but you don’t need to be able to read it to enjoy the art~

forichon169-f5194I’m just in love with this image!  It’s my favorite, but I could spend an hour just clicking through the gallery, and I encourage you to do the same~


I so want to live in this bright colorful world.   Especially since I’m stuck in dreary snowy raining Chicagoland right now!


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