February 7, 2013

Art Love

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I am so inspired by this artist: Matthieu Forichon.  The website is in French, but you don’t need to be able to read it to enjoy the art~

forichon169-f5194I’m just in love with this image!  It’s my favorite, but I could spend an hour just clicking through the gallery, and I encourage you to do the same~


I so want to live in this bright colorful world.   Especially since I’m stuck in dreary snowy raining Chicagoland right now!



January 16, 2013

Adventures in Dry Skin

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Winter in Chicagoland means dry, dry skin.  And my moisturizing regimen just isn’t cutting it!  So I’ve decided to completely switch things up.  With the help of this website, I’m going to spend January CONQUERING this problem!

First Up: Cleansers.  I had a facial recently, and the very nice lady suggested that my harsh cleanser might be causing some of my dry skin problems.  So I’m switching from my PanOxyl (which I’ve used for years) to Olay Foaming Facewash For Sensative Skin.  It got good reviews, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it’s easy to find (this is a very underrated thing in products).  I’ve already started using it, and my skin is less dry.  So I’ll try if for a few weeks and give it a full review.

Also: Tune in next time for…Adventures in Toner!  (or possibly a facial moisturizer.  Haven’t decided yet)

September 8, 2012

Makeup Update II: The Red Menace

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In this case, the Red Menace is allergies! Or possibly Peg Bundy.  No, it’s probably allergies.  They turn my eyes all red and burny, which is no good~

This is literally what my hair looks like today, thanks humidity!

So it’s officially Fall in Chicagoland (disclaimer, I don’t know if it’s actually Fall, but it’s cool today, yay) and I think I finally have the eye makeup situation under control.  Long story short, I had to scrap everything I was using and find stuff that doesn’t upset my eyes.

I talked to my eye doctor, and she gave me eyedrops, which have worked really well.  I would recommend giving those a shot for anyone having similar troubles, to start with.  I also tried out every “sensative formula” “opthamologist tested” mascara on the market.  Yep, that one too.  And I have found a couple that work.

Physicians Formula Organic Jumbo Lash is allright.  But it smudges, and is a pain to remove.

What I’m really liking right now is the new mascara from Origins.  The GinZing stuff.  I’d heard it talked up, and I decided to take it for a test drive.  It doesn’t upset my eyes, and looks the most natural of anything I tried.  Downside, it does flake a bit.  But all in all, it’s my new favorite.

Ahhhh, burny eyes begone!

August 27, 2012


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Lipstick is troublesome for me.  I love color, but hate the taste; and most lipsticks taste awful!  There are tasty, sugary options for lipgloss, but they don’t have as much COLOR as lipstick.

I finally decided that I simply had to have a good lipstick that I could wear.  So I wandered on over to Sephora, and proceded to try on literally every lipstick in the store.  (the salespeople were very nice about it)  They suggested Tarte, Kat VonD, Smashbox; but I’d put it on, lick my lips, and go blech!

But there is a happy ending: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Plum.  It was the only one that didn’t taste like chemical goo.  And believe me, I tried them all!  FYI  you try on every lip product in the store; don’t be surprised when your lips are a little sore and sensative after…

So the verdict is in: Korres MB Plum is my new favorite (and only) lipstick.

July 26, 2012

Hair Repair/ Delicious Products

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True story: I dye the bejeezus out of my hair.  Which means it feels like straw afterwards.  Which I hate, so I attempt to solve through the judicious use of product.  And since I’ve been dying my hair since I was fifteen, I can call myself something of an expert on hair recovery.

First of all, I hate hairspray.  It smells bad, it’s literally one of the worst things to clean off your glasses, and no-one likes the texture.  So I refuse to use it.  Still, I have to use something, or my hair would look like I habitually stick forks into electric sockets.  So.  Here we go:

1. Silk Elements Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise.  I use it right after I dye, and about twice a month in between dye jobs.  Ignore the label directions: I put a glob of it into my wet hair at night, and then wash it out the next morning.

2. Proclaim Olive Moisturizing Creme.   I essentially use this as styling mousse.  Just a dip of the fingers, then run it through my wet hair.  It smells pretty good, too.  Kind of natural.  Not perfume-y.

3. Occasionally I will use Proclaim Cholesterol pretty much just like I use the Olive Moisturizing Cream.  I used to use this wonderful olive oil repair cream, but they discontinued it, leading to my sadness.  Why Proclaim, why!?

4. Almond Oil.  Sometimes I like to switch it up, so I’ll use straight up Almond Oil to style my hair; pour a tiny bit on my hands and run my fingers through my hair.  It makes my hair very glossy, and it smells like dessert.

So basicly, yeah.  You can dye and still have your hair look somewhat healthy.  Just stay away from the bleach, that stuff rots your brain.

We all know it’s Clairol red, Hipster Ariel. You’re not fooling anyone.


July 12, 2012

Makeup Update

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Well, I’ve been trying the new makeup routine.  Unfortunately, it’s not working out so well.  Which is sad because I love the brush for the P.F. mascara.  It looks great!  But my eyes are killing me.

However.  I think I figured out what’s going on.  I talked to a couple of the ladies I work with; turns out we are all having problems with out eyes right now.  Mm and Ml have both just stopped wearing eye makeup altogether.  Ml recommended taking eyedrops for allergies.  Apparently the pollen counts are just out of control right now in Chicagoland.  Guess I’ll go stock up on those eyedrops!

And I still want to try the Pixie eyeliner…

July 9, 2012

My Makeup Brings Me To Tears. Literally.

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It’s allergy season here in Chicagoland, and my eyes have really been bothering me.  Even Claritin doesn’t help.

I think the problem may be my eye makeup.  I use a couple of different drugstore brands of mascara, eyeliner and occasionally eyeshadow.  Not all at once, I don’t put my makeup on with a trowel or anything…

So I wandered over to my neighborhood Sephora, where the ladies are usually friendly and helpful.  But not this time.  I asked for hypoallergenic, but whatever the saleslady used really stung my eye.  I had to wipe it off and hightail it out of there.  But she did give me one helpful piece of advice; my eyes are really sensative.  Sensative, you ask?  That’s kinda vague.  Yes, yes it is.

Thus began the research phase of my quest.  I think it was the chemicals used in my normal makeup (sob, maybelline, why!?) that was giving me the problems.  So I’m trying a few new products.

Beauty Routine 1.  Almay Mascara and Physicians Formula Felt tip eyeliner.  This was better, but I’m still getting a little irritation.

Beauty Routine 2. Physicians Formula Organic Eyeliner and Shimmer Strips.  I’ll let you know how this one goes, but these are supposed to be Paraben Free, organic, etc.

If this doesn’t work, I might try Pixie or Bloom.  Someone suggested Origins, but the nearest store is Woodfield.

TLDR: I threw out all my makeup and am starting over from scratch.  Whoof!

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