August 28, 2013

Some Things Old, Some Things New

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So I’m finally getting around to posting all my uploaded earrings photos, like I’ve been meaning to do.  My friend K asked to see some pics of a pair of blue pearls, and I promised I’d send her the link, so here is all the jewelry I’ve been meaning to get around to showing off~


August 26, 2013

Beautiful Thing of the Week

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I’m always looking for jewelry inspiration, so here’s something from an independent artist that really struck my fancy~


I really love the artist’s use of nature forms, rich colors and unexpected details.  Just gorgeous!


August 22, 2013

August Projects

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August has been very empty here, because I’m currently working on filling several commisions~

My friend H is getting married, but couldn’t find anything she liked to wear with her dress.  So I stepped in to the rescue!

Here’s her necklace:


It’s mother of pearl, seed pearls, and some beautiful aventurine rectangular beads.  Sweet H wanted something a little bit funky for her country-themed wedding.  She’s also wearing cowboy boots with her dress, which is just adorable~

I’ve also made her earrings and a bracelet to match, and am working on necklaces for each of her five bridesmaids~  Her accent color is yellow, and finding that in pearls has proven quite a challenge.  I’m thinking of substituting honey opals instead, if I can find some.

Updates to come!


August 9, 2013

August Inspiration

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For August, I’m feeling whimsical.  Lush details, strongly hue-ed colors and touchably soft textures are what I want right now.  So here’s my August inspiration board:

Pictures from lookatme, thesartorialist, a forest's son a river's daughter, probably etsy, and phobs

Pictures from lookatme, thesartorialist, a forest’s son a river’s daughter, probably etsy, and phobs

August 3, 2013

Colorfree Friday

I know we all predicted that our no-color-allowed work dress code would be gone within a year, but this doesn’t seem to have happened.   Well, until it does, I’m still searching for inspiration in the black, white and grey hues.  Here’s some outfits that fit the bill~

Courtesy of YouLookFab

Courtesy of YouLookFab

I’m not sure how you manage to fit this much awesome into one pic, but well done!  I love the print on that dress, the funky glasses, and the shoes~ especially the shoes.

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

Courtesy of Models Off Duty?

All grey can really work, if you add some sparkle and texture~ I’m going to try this sometime soon…

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer

Alexander McQueen is becoming my favorite jewelry designer


~Skulls and Stars~  Cute or creepy, what do you think?  Both?  Either way, I want it!


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