July 30, 2013

One Piece Many Ways

Work has taken over my life!  I’m serious, though; too much work makes me boring.  I really need to do something to make me feel fun again.

Aaaaand one of my favorite blogs proposed a challenge: to choose an item and get creative with it, wear it different ways~

Challenge accepted!

So here’s the star: my cobalt blue maxi dress.  Soft, comfortable, versatile.  Perfect!


I don’t have a LBD, I have a little ~blue~ dress instead

And I can dress it up and down, wear it all around the town~

This challenge helped me discover new ways to wear my awesome maxi dress!  But this is secretly my favorite way to wear it (with my brother’s borrowed hoodie).  So comfortable ~


This was a lot of fun!  A great basic is a great basic is a great basic.  However, this challenge made me realize I really don’t have enough accessories.  I’m going to thoughtfully search for some interesting pieces to add a little more excitement to my wardrobe.  Stay tuned!


July 20, 2013

A Splash of Color

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Some fashion forecasters have come up with a list of up-and-coming colors for 2013, all helpfully charted out on the Pantone color scale~


So we’re halfway through the year, still it’s never too late to infuse a little color into your wardrobe, household or lifestyle~  Try a little mix and match, many of the colors above would look fabulous paired up!

This cardigan has a little bit of Linen, Nectarine and Poppy Red:

d413d62c1f2a5d80ec319b61e373b609Or how about these lovely shoes in Tender Shoots?


And some nice asymmetrical earrings in Monaco Blue:


Something I really want is a maxi dress, here’s a beautifully draped one in dusk blue:


And you can never have too many tee’s so here’s my favorite Gap pocket version in African Violet (and it’s on sale!):


So go out and enjoy your colors!

July 11, 2013

DIY Monday: Tassel Scarf

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DIY Monday is now brought to you by Thursday, and the letter L.

I recently lost my favorite scarf (sadness) so I’ve been searching for a replacement.  Nothing has really caught my eye, so I decided that DIY was the way to go~  With that in mind, I bought some lovely white fabric, with a thin metallic stripe which looked perfect for scarf-makin’.

For this project you will need: 1 yard of fabric, pinking shears, a small cardboard rectangle, embroidery thread and a large gauge needle.


Cut your scarf.  Mine is square, and about 36 inches on each side.  Cutting with pinking shears gives you a nice ragged edge which is resistant to ravelling.  Next, wash your fabric, then trim any thread ends which may have formed.

And now for some tassels~

Wrap your embroidery thread around the cardboard square 6-10 times, depending on the desired thickness of your tassel (no that’s what she said jokes, please, I hear them enough at work)


Snip at the bottom, then tie a longer thread around the middle.  Tie another thread around the entire bundle, about 1/2 an inch down.  Knot, and trim ends to match.


Now use your large gauge needs to attach to the corners of your scarf, and voila!  DIY Scarf of brilliance~


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