May 27, 2013

DIY Spoon Earrings: 2 of 3

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Spoon Earrings 2: Electric Boogaloo!  No, but seriously, these are my favorite.  I loved the embellished middle part of the spoons, and couldn’t wait to try making earrings with these pieces.  They look lovely with some little rectangular chips of malachite I got right here in Chicagoland.


For this project you will need: earwires, eyepins, spacer chain, the middle section of your spoons, and two beads.  Plus the assorted tools, plyers, snippers, etc.

You’ve already drilled the holes for the spoon mid section, before you chopped up the spoon, so to finish this part, just round out the top and bottom edges, then sand and finish as in the above picture.

Thread your first bead through the eyepin, then make a large loop at the bottom, leaving some space to wrap the excess wire around.  Before you start to wrap, slide the spoon bit onto the large loop, then wrap the top so this piece is secured.


 Thread the next eyepin through the second bead, then put a loop at the bottom.  Attach your two beads with the spacer chain, and fix the entire length onto the earwire.




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