April 29, 2013

Textile Love

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I love vintage textiles and handmade things.  So, of course, I adore hand-embroidered handkerchiefs~  (I inherited one from my grandfather; a lovely soft thing, embroidered with his initial).  So when I saw a little white on white handkerchief at the antique store with a tiny R on it, I pounced on it!  And got a few more, too, why not?


The initialed pieces are called monograms, and white thread on a white background, like this, is called whitework.  This handkerchief has floral and fleur-de-lis embellishments.


This one was just blue and pretty, so why not?


Embroidery is a fascinating artform, (where else can you find art you’re supposed  to touch!) and here’s some more information, for those interested~


April 25, 2013

Cute Thing of the Week

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How did I miss the embroidered earring trend?  I was gift-shopping for my aunt, and found the cutest earrings in a little boutique in Chicagoland, little embroidered dangles.  (I wish I’d taken a pic before I sent them!)

So now I’m really wanting some beautiful embroidery in my life.  Maybe these lovely earrings to start?

il_570xN.314008595FYI: My aunt loves them~


April 24, 2013

DIY Spoon Earrings: 1 of 3

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I’ve been wanting to try making spoon earrings for a while, so when I found a small set at an antique shop, I knew they were perfect for my next project!

I’m chopping the spoons into three parts, for three different projects!


However, chopping them up wasn’t the first step.  So let’s go back to the beginning.

First, this is a tool intensive project.  I bought a Dremel, and I would recommend having one of these, although you could substitute a hacksaw and some sanding blocks for most of the project.  Also, you will need an anvil, a hammer, a vice or clamp, various sandpaper grits, and most importantly SAFETY GLASSES.  I cannot stress the importance of the last enough, especially if you are going to use a Dremel.  It’s all fun and games until you have to go to the emergency room and have bits of metal dug out of your eyeballs!

Step 1.  Texturize the spoon with the ball end of your hammer.  As you can see in the above picture, I dapped the bowl and handle, but left the ornamented part alone.

Step 2. Clamp the spoon to your worktable with the vice, or a clamp, and drill holes.  I was chopping this into three, so I drilled three holes.  The first is in the base of the bowl, the second at the top of the bowl, and the third is midway down the handle. (just a note, you may need a different collet size to fit your drill bits)


Step 3: Chop ‘er up!  Clamp the spoon down and use the wheel bit on your Dremmel to make cuts at the appropriate places.  Remember that the spoon will be HOT, so don’t touch right away.  Or wear gloves like a sensible person. (which I didn’t~)

Step 4: Sand/Grind.  Sand away the rough edges, either with a sanding block or the grinding bit on your dremmel.  This will leave you with some rough scratches, use sandpaper to smooth.  Start with rougher grits like a 600, and work your way down to smoother grits, like a 1500.

Now you have the parts, it’s time to start making the earrings~

Project 1 will utilize the bowl of the spoon.

Here’s what you will need.  Headpins, earwires, focal beads and your dapped spoon bowl:


My focal bead is a lovely dyed shell I picked up at a bead shop here in Chicagoland.  The bowl really reflects light, so this is a great project to emphasize a colorful bead.

Insert the headpin into the bead, then thread through the hole at the top of the spoon bowl.  Bend at the top of the bead allow the bowl to hand vertically.  This will kind of look like a zig-zag.  Then put a loop in the top and wrap the remaining wire around, and attach to your earwire.  Voila!


These earrings are a little heavy, so beware if you have delicate ears~

April 18, 2013

Changing Seasons

Transitions have really been on my mind, lately.

It’s been a full month since I’ve posted last, and the seasons have finally gone from winter to spring.  I’ve packed away the parka, and pulled out the raincoats.  Just in time, it’s been pouring for two days.

It’s also been a season of funerals, I and several of my friends have had loved ones pass.  So condolences and my thoughts are with all those who have lost family today.

With all that in mind, here is what’s inspiring me for April

Courtesy of

Courtesy of forestsonriverdaughter

I love this sweater, I have one just like it that I picked up at the Goodwill near where I work.  It’s absolutely my go-to sweater, I wear it every week!  I really love the soft comfort of the sweater paired with the color/texture and formality of the skirt and heels.  Really lovely.

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