February 12, 2013

DIY Monday: Fun With Anvils!

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Not. Even. Kidding!  I got a jeweler’s anvil for my birthday, and I’ve been playing with it non-stop.

To celebrate my awesome new toy, todays DIY project is going to be an easy chased metal earring tutorial.  Here’s the finished product, a gift for my awesome friend Ll:


These are the tools you will need: an anvil, chasing hammer, ring pliers, flat pliers, and a small file.


Here’s my beads: four faceted sodalite rondelles and a coin rounded cat’s eye, plus the silver wire in a 12 gauge and an ear wire.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACut two pieces of equal length from your silver wire, then bend small loops into one end of both pieces.  Slide your larger bead onto the wire, making sure that the bead’s hole will fit your gauge of wire (no that’s what she said jokes, please, I get them enough at work).  I put a slight curve into the wire before I began chasing it, but that’s entirely optional.   Hold your beaded wire up to the edge of the anvil, and commence hitting it with your hammer.  Rotate the piece so both side are evenly hammered (god, these jokes write themselves!).  When you have reached the desired shape, gently round the ends with a file (or an emory board will do in a pinch). Repeat with the other wire.  Your pieces should now look like this:


Cut two more equal length pieces of wire.  Put a loop into one end of your silver wire, then string your other beads.  Put another loop on at the bottom, then slip your top and bottom pieces together.  Attach the earwire.  If you want to make sure your earring is as shiny as it can possibly be, pour a little baking soda onto a wet paper towel and rub the metal bits in this for a minute.  Shiny, shiny~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd voila!  Enjoy your beautiful new earrings!

Next time on DIY Monday: texturizing!


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