February 27, 2013

Cute Thing of the Week

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I’m really digging these wax seal charms!

il_570xN.393132025_1nkuSo cute and tiny!  (Etsy is the best~)



February 26, 2013

Anvil-Tastic Earrings DIY

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Have I mentioned how much I love my new anvil?  Once or twice?  Maybe?

I’ve been wanting to make some silver leaf earrings for a while, so after searching the internet for design inspiration… I finally made a new pair!

Before you start, you’ll need: an anvil, a chasing hammer, several types of pliers, files, snippers, the works!

The earrings themselves are made with a heavy gauge silver wire, and the beads are faceted rondelles.

Draw your design on a piece of paper (trust me you don’t want to skip this step)  Measure out two equal lengths of wire.  These were 4.5 inches.  Bend your wire to match the design you have drawn out.  Start with the part you don’t want the bead on (the end of the piece).  Gently file the ends of the wire to remove anything sharp or poke-y.  Repeat for other earrings.  Or don’t, if you like asymmetry, or are making a pendant.

This is what you should have right now.

This is what you should have right now.

Place your design on your anvil, with the top knot  just off the edge.  Start to hammer with the flat side, turning occasionally.  If you want some parts of your design to “flare out” a bit more, hammer those bits more often.


Sexy anvil close up!

This piece has been flattened, and I’ve just begun adding the texture with the rounded side of my hammer.  Your piece will curve a little as you hammer, and you can encourage that by gently rocking it as you hammer, if you like that sort of thing (no judgement!)

Once you are sure you like your finished design, add in your top bead, and secure with a top wrap.  Don’t worry if your earrings aren’t identical (they won’t be), because asymmetry is awesome!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so are your new earrings!

February 21, 2013

Colorfree Friday: Jewelry Edition

Colorfree Friday is now brought to you by Wednesday.  And the number 9.

Jewelry and accessories have been a ~huge~ issue with the new work dress code.  All my work ladies love big sparkly shiny jewelry!  But we’re technically not allowed to wear gold; it’s all supposed to be black/white/grey.  No more emeralds, citrines or turquoise for us (sadness!)

Fortunately for me I’m a jewelrymaker (and I’ve been asked to make some stuff for the coworkers, which I’m happy to do!)  But if you don’t know a jeweler/DIY-er, here is some wonderful stuff in the monochromatic line:

Earrings, earrings, earrings, earrings!


But it’s not all earrings, the wrists need some bling, too~  How about this gorgeous bracelet?


And then, because too much is never enough (no but really less is more~) how about this statement necklace?


Great  jewelry in black and white can be found~  No dress code can limit my fabulousness!

February 20, 2013

Cold Weather Inspiration

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Despite the cold weather, I still want to show off my style.  Unfortunately, some days the only style you see is the ubiquitous big black puffer coat, and wet snow boots.  But there are options, for the more aesthetically minded!  (Just remember to layer, and have an insulated coat~)

Here are some of my winter weather inspirations:

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Chilly, yet classy!  Look at that ice; hope she’s got spikes on those boots~

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

Courtesy of the Sartorialist

And that’s layering done right!  I’m in love with the cravat~ AND THE FINGERLESS MITTENS!

Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Warm hats cannot be underrated when planning a cold weather outfit.  Also, I used to own that exact same coat…and it was awesome!

Winterwear doesn’t have to be boring!  Shake it up.  Shake it, shake it, shake it, girl, make sure you don’t break it girl~ (No really, don’t break it, those sidewalks are covered in ice so be careful)



February 13, 2013

Adventures in Grey!

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You all know how much I love cardigans (hint, it’s a lot!) so I’m really excited about my new cardigan.  I’m always looking for something warm to wear to work, and I was happy to find a nice grey cardigan.  Banana Republic is one of my favorite brands (Ll says that stuff wears like iron!  Errr, not uncomfortable like iron, but long lasting like iron) so this was an instant yes.  Even better; it’s a lightweight wool blend, so it’s a great layering piece.


I love the pockets and the button details! A cardi like this is also incredibly versatile, grey goes with literally everything, and looks good on everyone.  It also works well paired with other greys (I tried it out~) so there’s no tone-matching with this like you might have to do wearing black on black.

Grey on grey on grey, see~

Grey on grey on grey, see~

(You can’t tell from this pic, but I also have on my new silver and pearl earrings, more on those later~)

February 12, 2013

DIY Monday: Fun With Anvils!

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Not. Even. Kidding!  I got a jeweler’s anvil for my birthday, and I’ve been playing with it non-stop.

To celebrate my awesome new toy, todays DIY project is going to be an easy chased metal earring tutorial.  Here’s the finished product, a gift for my awesome friend Ll:


These are the tools you will need: an anvil, chasing hammer, ring pliers, flat pliers, and a small file.


Here’s my beads: four faceted sodalite rondelles and a coin rounded cat’s eye, plus the silver wire in a 12 gauge and an ear wire.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACut two pieces of equal length from your silver wire, then bend small loops into one end of both pieces.  Slide your larger bead onto the wire, making sure that the bead’s hole will fit your gauge of wire (no that’s what she said jokes, please, I get them enough at work).  I put a slight curve into the wire before I began chasing it, but that’s entirely optional.   Hold your beaded wire up to the edge of the anvil, and commence hitting it with your hammer.  Rotate the piece so both side are evenly hammered (god, these jokes write themselves!).  When you have reached the desired shape, gently round the ends with a file (or an emory board will do in a pinch). Repeat with the other wire.  Your pieces should now look like this:


Cut two more equal length pieces of wire.  Put a loop into one end of your silver wire, then string your other beads.  Put another loop on at the bottom, then slip your top and bottom pieces together.  Attach the earwire.  If you want to make sure your earring is as shiny as it can possibly be, pour a little baking soda onto a wet paper towel and rub the metal bits in this for a minute.  Shiny, shiny~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd voila!  Enjoy your beautiful new earrings!

Next time on DIY Monday: texturizing!

February 9, 2013

Colorfree Friday

To recap: We’re not allowed to wear color where I work, only black, white and grey.  Thus was born…Colorfree Fridays!  A celebration of all things colorless to remind us that limitations can also be inspiring.

So here’s what’s inspiring me this week!

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Leather with flannel, there’s a twist on an old classic!

Image Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

Image Courtesy of Sea of Shoes

The hat is awesome.  I probably ~couldn’t~ wear it at work.

8e452438e791de74dbdf684ff99a5ed2And a whimsical necklace, because why not? Just look at that little guy (~help me I’m trapped in a hot air balloon!~)

February 7, 2013

Art Love

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I am so inspired by this artist: Matthieu Forichon.  The website is in French, but you don’t need to be able to read it to enjoy the art~

forichon169-f5194I’m just in love with this image!  It’s my favorite, but I could spend an hour just clicking through the gallery, and I encourage you to do the same~


I so want to live in this bright colorful world.   Especially since I’m stuck in dreary snowy raining Chicagoland right now!


Cute Thing of the Week

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I love these gorgeous earrings!


They look like something out of a Russian fairy tale!

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