January 13, 2013

Colorfree Friday: Sassy and I know It

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Today’s Colorfree Friday is brought to you by Sunday.  And the letter G!

My black/white/grey wardrobe is getting better, I finally have enough stuff that I don’t have to wash my work clothes every other day, yay~  But I can always use a little more inspiration!  So here’s what I’m looking at right now.

Image from The Sartorialist

Image from The Sartorialist

I don’t know who you are Random Internet Lady, but I love you!  You have the perfect style, and have managed to make wrinkles look dang sexy~ (the shirt, I mean)


Image from Models Off Duty

Image from Models Off Duty

Black on Black on Black!  Not everyone can pull this look off; the key is having different textures and shade-matching your blacks!  Tricky, very tricky.

Also?  Not everyone’s complexion looks great with black ~near the face~.  It can be too harsh for some (myself included).  A lot of ladies are better off with a grey or other shade close to the face, otherwise you can look a little anemic, or a little aged.

So! F-ing!  Cute!

So! F-ing! Cute!

And in the OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS category, is this Dia de los Muertos cardigan.  I need this because of reasons!



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