November 27, 2012

DIY Earring Repurpose: 3 Ways

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I have a pair of earrings that I bought a few years ago.  They ‘re clunky silver flowers with three identical pieces.  I like the flower design, but they’re really awkward to wear: they pull right out of my ears.  So they’ve been sitting at the back of my jewelry drawer; and everytime I see them I think ~Man, I should really do *something* with those things, I never wear them. 

Well.  I finally decided to quit procrastinating, and make something!  So I snipped the rings holding the three pieces together, and I’m going to make three new pairs of earrings out of one old pair. 

For the firs pair, I used the top segment.  The main problem with the old earrings was the weight, so I added a small, lightweight faceted stone dangle.  The result is a tasteful posted earring; perfect for work jewelry!

They’re so light, I hardly know I’m wearing them~

Tune in next time, for…the middle segment!


November 20, 2012

Holiday Shopping Guide

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Merry Happy to all people celebrating all winter holidays!  So I assume you are desperately seeking ideas for the busy gift-giving season~  Here’s a little twisted inspiration for thoughtful gifts.  (You don’t want to end up looking like you just went to the gas station the day before, right?)

1) Spices:  Who doesn’t love exotic spices?  A huge container of Garam Masala, Old Bay, Lemon-Lime Thyme; these are even better when they come in an awesome little box, jar or package!  This present is also super-sweet if you include a few of your favorite recipes written out to go with the gift~

2) Edible Holiday Ornaments(look beyond the candy canes):  These come in a few different varieties, but are usually either hollow balls of chocolate or cookie type things with a shiny string to hang them on a tree/mantel/menorah~  Bonus points if you make them yourself! (freeze until giving if you need to make them ahead of time)

3)Gloves:  Who doesn’t need a nice warm pair of gloves!  Everyone everywhere loses them, so it’s always a useful present.  And there’s so much variety: mittens, shearling, lined, leather, fleece; something is sure to please!

4)Books:  Pick one classic favorite that you love and share with someone new.  The Robert Sabuda pop-up books double as presents and decorations, especially Winter’s Tale (which I love, love, love!)

5)Art:  Support your local artists, try shopping at an independant gallery for a small print, set of cards, handmade scarf, or tiny sculpture.  Your giftee will have nothing else like it!  (Warning, this option is not for the faint of heart, or, er, taste-impaired. You know who you are.  Just stay away from anything that looks like it belongs on Regretsy)

November 14, 2012

Black & White: Now with added hilarity!

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I was recounting the hilarity that is my new workplace dress code to my brother (and maybe griping, just a little~); he responded that at least I don’t have his dress code.  Turns out military boots are really uncomfortable, and will “do a job on your feet after twenty years.”  Good point.  Hmmm, guess I should count my blessings!  (This is why I love my brother, he really has a way of putting stuff into perspective)

So here’s what’s inspiring me on the black/white front!

Image via the Met Museum

Not that I could wear this to work, but I do love the beading details and the clean lines~

This pic is all about the shoes (the sartorialist)

I could aaaaaalmost make this work at work…


(Oh, god, the puns almost write themselves)  Crazy, yes, BUT AWESOME!  Also probably more comfortable than my brother’s boots…~




November 11, 2012

Winter Is Coming…

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It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so today I wanted to wear a skirt.  What with Chicagoland winters I figure this will be the last time I’ll get to walk around with bare legs this year!

Goodbye Skirt!

And now to pack it away until spring…(sadness)

November 5, 2012

DIY Monday: Peek-a-boo No More

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I have a problem with button up shirts.  I love button ups, but…I don’t love the little gap in the cleavage area most of them have.    It’s very difficult to find button ups without this problem.  Someone finally told me to just put a little snap in there.

This works, y’all.  Really well.  How did I not know about this?

Anyway.  I got this nice Gap button up for work (see previous post re: new dress code)  The shirt is perfect except for the little bosom peek-a-boo thing.  So I got a little sew on snap:

Not pictured actual size!

And I sewed this in between the third and fourth button.  Protip: this works better if you can’t see the stitches from the front, so be sure to keep your thread on the inside.

See that little needle? That’s where the snap goes.

I just hand-sewed both sides in, making sure the snap was stable.  Be aware that it will go easier on you if you make sure both sides of the snap align before you sew the second one on.

The finished product, front and back.

Also, make sure you are sewing them the right way around.  This is actually easier to mess up than it sounds. (Not that I actually made that particular mistake. This time…)

So there you are, Cleavage Gap begone!  The shirt front sits perfectly flat, and looks great.

November 3, 2012

Cute Thing of the Week

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I just love this bracelet:

Surprise! It’s actually a fork!

Oh, etsy, don’t ever stop being awesome!

November 2, 2012

Go To Outfits

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The new dress code is in full swing at work, so I have been working hard to figure out new go to outfits for those early mornings when I’m just not awake enough to make decisions~

So here are my five easy-peasy no-thought-required colorfree outfits:

1. Tartan Scarf w/ Old Navy Trousers 2. Loft Top and Bottom w/Belt 3. Loft Top w/Argyle Sweater 4. Star Scarf w/Black Shimmer Sweater 5. Gap Plaid Top w/Banana Republic Cardi

The main thing these all have in common (besides being achromatic) is that they’re all WARM outfits, the temp is always crazy cold where I work~

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