October 29, 2012

DIY Monday: Halloween Edition

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DIY Monday is brought to you by the letter Z!

I decided to make my costume this year.  After much thought and deliberation (Hmmm, what do I like that is awesome and gruesome at the same time?_Oh, yeah.  Zombies!) I decided to go as a zombie apocalypse survivor.

Supplies: 1. used shirt from Goodwill.  1. Tube of white fabric paint. 1. Tube of red fabric paint. Total cost for this costume was about $6.

I put the shirt on, and marked where I wanted the lettering to be with a white watercolor pencil.  You could also use chalk or crayons or whatever else is handy.  I stretched the shirt onto a cardboard rectangle for stability, then covered the table with paper because this is a ~messy~ project!  I etched the letters in pencil, then traced with the white fabric paint.  This left me with a thin line of paint which I smeared with my fingers, artistically.  (Have some paper towels on hand to wipe your hands with.)

You’ll want this to be centered.

I then had fun spattering the shirt with the red paint!  Protip: the drips will look more real if you spatter from farther away.  I also smeared my hand with pant and put some paw prints on it.

Not gonna lie: this was superfun!

Here’s a helpful hint, maybe use gloves for this, because I spent half an hour in the bathroom later trying to wash this stuff off my hands!

Let the shirt dry overnight before you try it on, and let it dry for a couple of days before you wash it.

The finished product~

And here is my awesome zombie hunter halloween costume!  I’m wearing my rock star skinny jeans, my winter boots, and I’ve added my old welding gloves and a giant screwdriver~ perfect for zombie killin’!




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