October 27, 2012

Colorfree Friday: Dawn of the Grey!

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I’ve been shopping for grey, black, and white items with which to flesh out my work wardrobe, and have picked up some great stuff!  Find #1; a grey v-neck Gap shirt (in x-small!), a black and white plaid Gap button front (more on that later~) and a pair of grey Loft trousers.  It’s all a bit basic, but I’m going to find ways to spice it up; boring is not a good look for me!

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been finding on the b/w/g front:

Pic from the Sartorialist

I love the shades of grey on the lapels, and the texture of this outfit.  I imagine with limited colors, texture is going to become even more important in my work-wear.  Perhaps I should get something really crazy, like a mink stole!

Or how about this  knit cardigan?

Warm ~and~fun!

And in the spirit of Halloween, here’s  a black and white zombie themed tee:

The model clearly loves it!

Because what the world really really needs RIGHT NOW is a zombie version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s


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