October 7, 2012

October Overhaul: Jeans

So jeans.  How many pairs do you have?  How many pairs do you need?  Summer and winter weight?  Colors?

Aaaargh, there’s so many choices nowadays!  When I was a teenager, they were all the same.  Actually, when I was a teenager I wore a pair of Eddie Bauer men’s jeans with a button fly all the time.  I was devastated when someone stole them out of the washer!

But seriously, how much denim is too much?  I have four pairs of black jeans.  And two pairs of blue jeans.  Two summer weight jeans, and three winter weight jeans.  One pair of too small jeans and one pair that even belts can’t keep from sliding off.  I think I have too many.  It’s a little outta control!  I just don’t wear jeans that much.  I should really only keep the stuff I love, right?  So.  It’s time to really look at what I wear and narrow it down.

Mountain of Denim

1. BR comfy straight legs.  I’m in love, these aren’t going anywhere.

2. Bandolino black jeans.  I love the double button fly, and they are heavy duty enough to hike in.

3. Old Navy Diva Blue jeans. These are good for heavy chores and stuff, and I don’t worry about messing them up.

4. My rockstar sidezip skinny jeans.  Perfect for concerts.

Everything else is going straight to the giveaway pile…

Hey, anyone want a pair of size 6 White House Black Market jeans?  They’re very stretchy! Or a pair of Old Navy summerweight jeans?

And if anyone finds a pair of Eddie Bauer men’s jeans size 6 with a button fly…just bring them back to me, no questions asked!


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