September 27, 2012

Wardrobe Must Haves Sounds So Cliche…

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However, everyone should have a perfect pair of black pants.  These pants should be comfortable and fit your personality.  So a rocker chic might have a pair of tight leather pants, an office gal would love her black wool dress pants, and a country girl would have her tough-as-nails heavyweight black Levi’s. (But please, not leggings.  Never leggings.  They’re just not pants)

I have a pair of Banana Republic straight leg denim pants that I love.  The black denim is soft and worn, totally comfortable, just a little too long, so I can scrunch if I want.  Perfect.  In fact, I sometimes wear these into work (even though we’re not supposed to wear jeans) because they are so dang comfy.  And they fit me; my wardrobe and lifestyle and work.  I can literally wear these things anywhere.

Behold the glorious pants!

My point (and I did have one) is that your “must haves” should fit you, not just in size, but also your personality and lifestyle.  Not everyone needs “the perfect nude pumps” or a LBD for emergencies.  Shop for you, not for some girl in a magazine!  (I wouldn’t know what to do with the perfect nude pumps anyway, except fall off of them)  So when you are listening to someone advising you, or reading those 5 wardrobe must have articles, take it with a grain of salt.  You’re the one who’s going to be wearing your stuff, not the writer, photographer for Elle, or your busybody friend.


*protip, if you’re wearing jeans to work when you’re not supposed to, keep a pair of proper work trousers in your trunk that you can change into, just in case you “get caught”.


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