September 12, 2012

DIY Monday: Earring Holder

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DIY Monday is now brought to you by Wednesday.  And the color green.

I do have a perfectly good jewelry box.  But.  It’s a box.  I have to dig through it to find stuff, and that’s just too tedious!  So I resolved to figure out a better way to display and organize my extensive earring collection (when you make your own, you end up with a metric crap-ton!)  I wanted something easy, pretty and inexpensive; that I could also hang on the wall.  So I wandered around the World Market, and these pretty paper gift bags caught my eye.  The paper is thick, the pattern is nice, and they already have a ribbon to hang it on!

This is the one I didn’t use

Firstly, I taped the back down, so the bag would lie flat against the wall.  Then I got out my trusty ruler and a T-pin, and popped some holes in the bag (the thickness of the paper the bag is made from is important, too thin and it will just rip).  Put something under the bag so you don’t put holes in your table, I would recommend a cutting board or an old magazine.  Don’t get distracted while you are pushing the T-pin through the bag (or you will end up wearing band-aids like I am).

Once you are done, just push the earring wires into the holes, hang, and enjoy!

So there you have it; easy-peasy earring display~!


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