September 8, 2012

Makeup Update II: The Red Menace

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In this case, the Red Menace is allergies! Or possibly Peg Bundy.  No, it’s probably allergies.  They turn my eyes all red and burny, which is no good~

This is literally what my hair looks like today, thanks humidity!

So it’s officially Fall in Chicagoland (disclaimer, I don’t know if it’s actually Fall, but it’s cool today, yay) and I think I finally have the eye makeup situation under control.  Long story short, I had to scrap everything I was using and find stuff that doesn’t upset my eyes.

I talked to my eye doctor, and she gave me eyedrops, which have worked really well.  I would recommend giving those a shot for anyone having similar troubles, to start with.  I also tried out every “sensative formula” “opthamologist tested” mascara on the market.  Yep, that one too.  And I have found a couple that work.

Physicians Formula Organic Jumbo Lash is allright.  But it smudges, and is a pain to remove.

What I’m really liking right now is the new mascara from Origins.  The GinZing stuff.  I’d heard it talked up, and I decided to take it for a test drive.  It doesn’t upset my eyes, and looks the most natural of anything I tried.  Downside, it does flake a bit.  But all in all, it’s my new favorite.

Ahhhh, burny eyes begone!


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