September 30, 2012

October Wardrobe Evaluation

It’s a new month, and this October I am determined to finally do that complete wardrobe evaluation I’ve been talking about.  You know, that “I should really clean out the stuff  I don’t wear…” and “If I could just find the right ~thing~ my closet would be perfect!”

So this month, I solemnly swear, I’m going to completely go through everything I own and weed!  And make a list of stuff I need! (Look, I rhymed!) Seems a little overwhelming, but I’m going to break it down into categories and do it a little at a time, so I don’t go nuts.  Or more nuts, I’m already a little twisted~  At the end of the month, I’m going to take a bag of stuff to the goodwill.

So here are the categories:


Hats & Belts

Scarves (yes, it deserves its own post!)






I can do this!  (I may need a little more encouragement)


September 27, 2012

Wardrobe Must Haves Sounds So Cliche…

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However, everyone should have a perfect pair of black pants.  These pants should be comfortable and fit your personality.  So a rocker chic might have a pair of tight leather pants, an office gal would love her black wool dress pants, and a country girl would have her tough-as-nails heavyweight black Levi’s. (But please, not leggings.  Never leggings.  They’re just not pants)

I have a pair of Banana Republic straight leg denim pants that I love.  The black denim is soft and worn, totally comfortable, just a little too long, so I can scrunch if I want.  Perfect.  In fact, I sometimes wear these into work (even though we’re not supposed to wear jeans) because they are so dang comfy.  And they fit me; my wardrobe and lifestyle and work.  I can literally wear these things anywhere.

Behold the glorious pants!

My point (and I did have one) is that your “must haves” should fit you, not just in size, but also your personality and lifestyle.  Not everyone needs “the perfect nude pumps” or a LBD for emergencies.  Shop for you, not for some girl in a magazine!  (I wouldn’t know what to do with the perfect nude pumps anyway, except fall off of them)  So when you are listening to someone advising you, or reading those 5 wardrobe must have articles, take it with a grain of salt.  You’re the one who’s going to be wearing your stuff, not the writer, photographer for Elle, or your busybody friend.


*protip, if you’re wearing jeans to work when you’re not supposed to, keep a pair of proper work trousers in your trunk that you can change into, just in case you “get caught”.

September 23, 2012

Spring Forward, Fall is Back!

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The weather has turned seriously cold now, so it’s time to pack away all the lightweight summer things, and pull out all the winter favorites from storage.  It’s also time to take stock of the wardrobe and decide what you really need for the season.

So here’s what I pulled out:

3- sweater coats, 4-lightweight thermal tops, 2-heavyweight thermal tops, 1-long dress, 2-lightweight sweaters, 3-longsleeve shirts

And a partridge in a pear tree~


So what am I missing?  (This season’s must haves are dictated by the fact that I’m freaking freezing, and warm ~is~ more important than fashionable.  However, it is possible to be both).  So,  I’m thinking more heavyweight thermal tops, a heavyweight flannel button up: (I resisted the flannel plaid trend for years, but have decided to give in finally)

Let’s face it, this trend isn’t going anywhere~

a heavyweight sweater like this awesome ombre knit: (this one’s a little expensive, so I may try to DIY this later)


a warm winter coat (the North Face is very popular up here in Chicagoland, but…)

It’s cold in Chicagoland, I just wanna be warm!

September 20, 2012

A Tough Month: Funerals and Wakes

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This has been a tough month in Chicagoland.  My good friend LL recently lost her mother, and my friend KK’s aunt in law also passed away.  My condolences go out to both of my friends.

But my friend KK asked me for some advice, and I’m reposting it here, because I know this is something we’ve all gone through.  (I remember frantically shopping for something to wear to a funeral, and that’s awful, because you can’t really think and don’t know what to get, and you’re just not in a good place.  Last minute funeral shopping is not a good thing.  So go and do this ahead of time.  Not that I want anyone to have to attend a funeral, but you never know.)

So here’s the thing; KK needs something to wear to the wake, and she literally has nothing to wear.  KK doesn’t wear black very often, and hates dresses.  Howeve,  funerals and wakes have a very specific dress code.  And my friend, who is on a tight budget, doesn’t want to spend money on something she won’t wear very much.  Which is perfectly understandable.  So, to help her out, I came up with a list of things which are wake-appropriate, but can also work in a normal wardrobe.

Black Dress Chinos: spend the money and buy yourself a pair of heavy duty black chinos, fitted or straight leg.  I have two pairs of black Gap chinos (so soft! and comfy), and I wear those all the time.  Dress them up, dress them down; these will be workhorses of your closet, as well as emergency funeral wear.

Charcoal Dress Shirt: this isn’t black, so you don’t have to worry about your blacks matching.  Buy it in a supersoft material; something you will love feeling on your skin, and you will wear it all the time.

Lightweight neutral sweater or cardigan: doesn’t have to be black or grey, could be oatmeal, beige, off white, whatever, as long as it doesn’t have a graphic pattern or print.  But do yourself a favor and buy cashmere or a silk blend.  It’s warmer and softer, and believe me comfort and warmth are what you are needing during a funeral or wake.

Cotton Canvas Jacket: this has enough structure to be dressy, but isn’t as fussy as a traditional blazer. Again, doesn’t need to be black, but some dark neutral color.   Something like these two options:

All of these pieces are alternatives to the traditional black dress and blazer combo; they are funeral appropriate, yet still very everyday wearable.

So hopefully this is some helpful advice for your real life.  Also?  Try googling “funeral clothing” or “what to wear to a wake.”  Everyone in the pictures lookes happy and is smiling. WTF Google?!

September 12, 2012

DIY Monday: Earring Holder

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DIY Monday is now brought to you by Wednesday.  And the color green.

I do have a perfectly good jewelry box.  But.  It’s a box.  I have to dig through it to find stuff, and that’s just too tedious!  So I resolved to figure out a better way to display and organize my extensive earring collection (when you make your own, you end up with a metric crap-ton!)  I wanted something easy, pretty and inexpensive; that I could also hang on the wall.  So I wandered around the World Market, and these pretty paper gift bags caught my eye.  The paper is thick, the pattern is nice, and they already have a ribbon to hang it on!

This is the one I didn’t use

Firstly, I taped the back down, so the bag would lie flat against the wall.  Then I got out my trusty ruler and a T-pin, and popped some holes in the bag (the thickness of the paper the bag is made from is important, too thin and it will just rip).  Put something under the bag so you don’t put holes in your table, I would recommend a cutting board or an old magazine.  Don’t get distracted while you are pushing the T-pin through the bag (or you will end up wearing band-aids like I am).

Once you are done, just push the earring wires into the holes, hang, and enjoy!

So there you have it; easy-peasy earring display~!

September 8, 2012

Makeup Update II: The Red Menace

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In this case, the Red Menace is allergies! Or possibly Peg Bundy.  No, it’s probably allergies.  They turn my eyes all red and burny, which is no good~

This is literally what my hair looks like today, thanks humidity!

So it’s officially Fall in Chicagoland (disclaimer, I don’t know if it’s actually Fall, but it’s cool today, yay) and I think I finally have the eye makeup situation under control.  Long story short, I had to scrap everything I was using and find stuff that doesn’t upset my eyes.

I talked to my eye doctor, and she gave me eyedrops, which have worked really well.  I would recommend giving those a shot for anyone having similar troubles, to start with.  I also tried out every “sensative formula” “opthamologist tested” mascara on the market.  Yep, that one too.  And I have found a couple that work.

Physicians Formula Organic Jumbo Lash is allright.  But it smudges, and is a pain to remove.

What I’m really liking right now is the new mascara from Origins.  The GinZing stuff.  I’d heard it talked up, and I decided to take it for a test drive.  It doesn’t upset my eyes, and looks the most natural of anything I tried.  Downside, it does flake a bit.  But all in all, it’s my new favorite.

Ahhhh, burny eyes begone!

September 2, 2012

DIY Monday:Polka Dot Fever!

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We’ve all had it happen.  You buy a cute top, skirt, whatever.  Then you get it home, and realize it was not quite the color you thought it was.  The pretty tank top with delicate purple polka dots starts to look a little more…fuschia.  In fact, it’s very clear that your new Gap tank has a bad case of the measles!~  Or that’s what it looked like to me.

This is a problem.  Contagion chic is not the look for me!

I can fix this, thought I.  Fabric paint, to the rescue!  I took my tank and stretched it out on piece of cardboard.  This gives it stability so the paint doesn’t rub off on another section while it dries.

I then used Navy fabric paint and a small brush to alter the color of about 1/3rd of the dots.  All of them would have been over-doing it, but this way, it looks fun and intentional.  And kinda like Dippin’ Dots!

Dippin’ Dots are a fashion statement I can get behind!

I love this new look so much, I may get another color and paint in more!


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