August 30, 2012

Steamlined Purse

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So what’s in your purse?  If you don’t want to end up with permanent back problems it’s a good idea to keep only the basics in your purse.  I really envy women who don’t even carry one (but I do not understand this!)  I recently threw out a great purse that was just too darn big for me.  Keeping a smaller purse really forces you to lighten the load and choose those things which are truly necessary.  And my current purse is tiny.

So, here’s the breakdown:

1. Wallet

2. Sunglasses (in the thinnest Rayban case I could find)

3. Ipod and earbuds

4. Sewing Kit (you never know!)

5. Tiny Target Planner

6. ONE pen

7. Pill case (really cool Russian eagle case I inherited)

8. Clippers and world’s tiniest folding scissors (you’d be surprised how often I use these!)

9. Handkerchieff (these things are great, eco-friendly and all purpose)

10. Emergency hair clips

11. Half an emory board (my nails are really rough and require constant attention)

12. Good luck army bracelet (given to me by my army brother~)

Just the bare necessities!~

Actually, Hipster Ariel carries a fanny pack


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