August 20, 2012

Old Navy Dress: DIY 3 Ways, Part III

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The fabric of the original Old Navy Dress is mostly gone now, only the top and one sleeve remains.  So for this project, we will take our remaining fabric and pair it with parts from another shirt.  Just like Frankenstein!  But less creepy.  Science!

Here’s the other top, a generic blue baby doll I picked up at Goodwill:

I first cut the top away, which I wouldn’t need, then pinned it to the print fabric.

The main problem I had with this part of the project was that the printed top piece was larger than the navy bottom bit.  So I snipped out some fabric, and put tuck pleats into the top (to accomodate the natural curve of the bust) as I sewed it on.  Here are a few key things I would suggest if anyone else wants to try this:

Keep in mind which seams are innies, and which are outties.  Don’t confuse these two!

Put your pins in sideways, it’s easier to pull them out as you go along that way.

When working with a stretch fabric, use a stretch stitch!

Fabric tends to shrink in the wash, so wash before you sew.

And voila!  A lovely lightweight top.  I left the sleeve seams raw, ’cause that’s how I roll!


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