August 1, 2012

Old Navy Dress: DIY 3 Ways, Part I

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About a month ago I was browsing the clearance rack at Old Navy, and I saw several of these printed dresses.  I loved the print, but when I tried it on, I saw why no one wanted them.  They had a horrible dolman sleeve, and terrible fit issues.  So I passed on the dress.But I kept thinking about it.  You know how much I love my sewing machine; with the power of the Singer, I thought, there must be some way to make this dress into a wearable garment.  So I went back this weekend, and (surprise, surprise) the dress was still there.  So I brought it home, determined to make something of it!

Sleeves of Doooom!

The nice thing about this dress was the waist.  It’s a simple elastic waistband.  So I snipped it off from the top of the dress, and voila!  Instant skirt.  With raveling fabric in mind, I used my pinking shears to make the cut.  This was a mistake, and I would recommend against it in the future.

What I did find was that the fabric shrank a bit in the wash, fyi.

So, DIY’ers, join us next time, when we decide the fate of …the rest of the Dolman Sleeve Dress of Dooooom!



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