August 31, 2012

August Texture

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August texture is now brought to you by the letter m and the number 5.

People underestimate the importance of texture.  But for me, it’s really a clothing key.  The texture of a fabric can tell you what kind of quality it is.  When I am shopping, I’ll run my fingers over rows of pants, and be able to tell which ones are poly blends, cotton, or silk.  I won’t buy anything that isn’t soft and comfortable; if it’s scratchy and uncomfortable you won’t wear it, period.  It’s not worth buying something that’s pretty but itches (learned that the hard way!)

There are two kinds of texture: visual texture (prints) and tactile texture (slubbed fabrics, lace, etc).  (Visual texture and prints are their own post, so I’m just going to talk about tactile texture today.)  Some of my favorite things in my wardrobe are wild textured pieces.  My absolute favorite is a bright orange silk scarf, handmade in Kansas!

It’s incredibly soft, and I just like to touch it!

In this case, the weave creates the texture, but there are other ways to get texture.  Grommets and studs, for example.  Or burnout fabrics, or embroidery, brocade fabrics, applique, etc.  The list goes on and on.  There are so many options, why not try and experiment a little?  Have fun with your clothes!

If this is outside of your comfort zone, start slow.  Maybe a lacy collar, or burnout scarf.  Tactile texture can be worn a lot like prints, the “rules” are pretty much the same.  Just try one new thing…you’ll get hooked! (yes, that was a crochet pun)



August 30, 2012

Steamlined Purse

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So what’s in your purse?  If you don’t want to end up with permanent back problems it’s a good idea to keep only the basics in your purse.  I really envy women who don’t even carry one (but I do not understand this!)  I recently threw out a great purse that was just too darn big for me.  Keeping a smaller purse really forces you to lighten the load and choose those things which are truly necessary.  And my current purse is tiny.

So, here’s the breakdown:

1. Wallet

2. Sunglasses (in the thinnest Rayban case I could find)

3. Ipod and earbuds

4. Sewing Kit (you never know!)

5. Tiny Target Planner

6. ONE pen

7. Pill case (really cool Russian eagle case I inherited)

8. Clippers and world’s tiniest folding scissors (you’d be surprised how often I use these!)

9. Handkerchieff (these things are great, eco-friendly and all purpose)

10. Emergency hair clips

11. Half an emory board (my nails are really rough and require constant attention)

12. Good luck army bracelet (given to me by my army brother~)

Just the bare necessities!~

Actually, Hipster Ariel carries a fanny pack

August 27, 2012


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Lipstick is troublesome for me.  I love color, but hate the taste; and most lipsticks taste awful!  There are tasty, sugary options for lipgloss, but they don’t have as much COLOR as lipstick.

I finally decided that I simply had to have a good lipstick that I could wear.  So I wandered on over to Sephora, and proceded to try on literally every lipstick in the store.  (the salespeople were very nice about it)  They suggested Tarte, Kat VonD, Smashbox; but I’d put it on, lick my lips, and go blech!

But there is a happy ending: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Plum.  It was the only one that didn’t taste like chemical goo.  And believe me, I tried them all!  FYI  you try on every lip product in the store; don’t be surprised when your lips are a little sore and sensative after…

So the verdict is in: Korres MB Plum is my new favorite (and only) lipstick.

August 24, 2012

Favorite Things: Summer Edition

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It’s so hot in Chicagoland, you’d think it was summer or something!  It’s so hot, I’m too lazy to try anything new or fun today, so I’m just relying on my tried-and-true staples: the favorite things of summer.  My favorite things tend to fluctuate based on the weather, so here are this season’s miss congenialities of the closet…

Jewelry: my new beaded earrings from Chicago Bead Company:

These glass beads have three little stripes, gold, black and a delicate green

Clothing: Old Navy striped shorts that I got on sale for $3! and my Kohl’s explosion of summer tee.

Food: Almond Milk Pancakes and Mexican Rice with Enchilada Sauce

Song: Allison Krauss “Jacob’s Dream”  (Warning, this song is so sad, you will cry like a little girl I’m not even kidding)


August 21, 2012

Cute Thing of the Week!

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It’s starting to get cooler, but it’s not yet fall, so right now is the perfect time to pull out all of those transitional pieces!

Like this awesome sock/boot!

The best part?  This entire website has the craziest punny names for all their stuff.  These are called Change for the Sweater Boots!

August 20, 2012

Old Navy Dress: DIY 3 Ways, Part III

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The fabric of the original Old Navy Dress is mostly gone now, only the top and one sleeve remains.  So for this project, we will take our remaining fabric and pair it with parts from another shirt.  Just like Frankenstein!  But less creepy.  Science!

Here’s the other top, a generic blue baby doll I picked up at Goodwill:

I first cut the top away, which I wouldn’t need, then pinned it to the print fabric.

The main problem I had with this part of the project was that the printed top piece was larger than the navy bottom bit.  So I snipped out some fabric, and put tuck pleats into the top (to accomodate the natural curve of the bust) as I sewed it on.  Here are a few key things I would suggest if anyone else wants to try this:

Keep in mind which seams are innies, and which are outties.  Don’t confuse these two!

Put your pins in sideways, it’s easier to pull them out as you go along that way.

When working with a stretch fabric, use a stretch stitch!

Fabric tends to shrink in the wash, so wash before you sew.

And voila!  A lovely lightweight top.  I left the sleeve seams raw, ’cause that’s how I roll!

August 15, 2012

DIY Monday: Cardigan

DIY Monday: now with extra Wednesday!

I took my Mom shopping last week, and we bought matching cardigans (’cause we’re cool like that!).

However.  I knew when I bought it that it was destined for DIY Monday!  It’s a plain Target teal cardigan:

Plain Jane!

So it needed a little something to jazz it up.  I was thinking about beads, or sequins, or something… and I spotted this beautiful velvet ribbon with little teal studs, in the exact same color as my plain jane cardi.  It was destiny!

Step one was dividing the ribbon so I would have a set of thirds.  This was made substantially easier by the fact that I could just count the studs instead of measuring.  Genius!  Then I pinned the ribbon onto the cardigan:

Then I popped it into my sewing maching and stitched up both sides.  There’s not a lot of space on the edges, so the needle kept sliding off the studs, but that didn’t seem to bother my machine. (which is an awesome Huskystar my mom bought me for Christmas about ten years ago, btw)  I also put a little fabric glue at the ends of the ribbon to keep them from raveling.

And Voila!  New awesome stud detailed cardigan:

True Facts:  I wear cardis almost every day at work because it is so friggin’ cold there!

August 13, 2012

Inspiration Board: August

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August is a third of the way done, but it’s not too late to be inspired!  This month is all about texture, which is a really underrated element of style, in my opinion…

Images from the Art of Animation, A Beautiful Mess, Sea of Shoes, and I know you just saw those earrings, I don’t care I love them sooo much!

August 11, 2012

Cute Thing of the Week

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This week’s Cute Thing of the Week is five kinds of awesome!

I was drooling on my computer when I found these earrings:

These are art; pure and simple. I love the sculptural details, the contrasting textures, the pop of color.  I love everything about these earrings!

August 9, 2012

Summer Outfit

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It’s been hotter than a two dollar pistol here in Chi-town, so I’ve been hitting the stores looking for clothes to keep cool in.

Aaaaand what I’ve really been desperately looking for is a new pair of sandals(my favorite grasshopper pair died a sad and tragic death).  I walk a lot, so comfort is key!  And I finally found what I’ve been looking for, Clark’s of all things.  I wore these all day right out of the box, and my feet felt great!

What’s even better, I scored this beautiful embroidered Lulumari skirt at the local thrift shop! Shopping Karma (I’ve been good!)

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