July 2, 2012

DIY Monday: Star Print Shirt

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DIY Monday is now brought to you by the letter e.  And the number 45.

I’ve really been wanting to experiment with fabric paint.  And you all know how much I love star prints (hint, it’s a lot~)  So why not try these two out together?

I started with a Loft shirt I bought from the goodwill (that way if I mess it up, I’m not out too much money).  Then, using a cardboard box, I cut out star shapes in three sizes and made tiny star stamps.

The biggest one was about an inch.

Then I squirted a little metallic silver paint on them and went to town!  The key to this is to pin the fabric of the shirt to a cardboard backing so the fabric won’t slip around, and the paint won’t smear.

Be sure that each star is dry before you remove the cardboard backing.  Also, don’t put too much paint on the star stamps or it will smudge!  Let the fabric paint dry for 2 days before washing.


It’s my Captain America shirt! Now with extra patriotism!


July 1, 2012

What’s your design style?

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One of my wonderful coworkers mentioned the other day that she thinks of her family, friends and coworkers in terms of their design style.  And by that, she meant architectural and graphic design; so a person might be art nouveau, or prairie style.  We work with someone who is definitely postmodern deconstructivism!

I, according to Hj, am a puzzle.  Perhaps even an enigma.  She says she just can’t figure me out.  Sometimes I’m midcentury modern, but sometimes I’m distinctly southwestern.

  Midcentury Modern

Southwestern Style


Moi? Hmmm…



It kind of brings to mind those Project Runway type challenges: turn an architectural inspiration into an outfit.  Challenge accepted!  TBC  in a future post!

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