June 25, 2012

Adventures in Underwire

Filed under: Angst,Clothing — by twistedchic @ 3:15 am

It’s that time again!  (and by that time, I mean the Victoria’s Secret sale time) Time to talk about knickers!

I like to have myself re-measured everytime the semi-annual sale comes around; it’s a good reminder, everyone needs to be re-measured twice a year because your size can change.  And mine has changed twice in about a year and a half.  Which is probably why I had been having trouble finding comfortable underthings.  Ayiyi.  I must have tried on 3 dozen different bras, nothing was working.  So the nice lady at Victoria’s measured me, and my size has changed again, to the hard to find 32DD.  Yikes! But, she said, that’s only a guideline, and I could also try a 34D, which would be easier to find.

Personally, I just want to be comfortable.  And I was able to find something that worked for me.  But good lord!  It shouldn’t be this hard to find workable underthings!  And the straps?!  Torture device or unsolvable puzzle?  Bit of both? Sigh.

Also?  Knickers.  Knickers, knickers, knickers! (snicker)


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