May 13, 2012

Cute Thing of the Week

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I’ve really been feeling that Southwestern vibe lately.  And I’ve just fallen in love with this leather cuff bracelet.  Despite the fact that I never wear bracelets!

I love that little turquoise inset.  And it’s handmade, which I love even more~

It’s just the right combination of tough and pretty!  I may actually have to buy this…



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I’m trying a new thing, something to make it easier to see all the fashion diy blogs I like.  Let’s see if it works!  I’ll let you know…

May 12, 2012

More Thrift Love

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The best thing about thrifting is this: you can try a bunch of different brands, colors and styles that you never would have considered.  For $5, why not buy that orange-and-green southwestern print skirt?  Expand your horizons, heck yeah~.  You’d be surprised how versatile some of the craziest things can be.  Wanna try a plaid shirt with a horshoe pattern, a tunisian knee length tunic top, a studded skirt, pink embroidered cowboy boots, a real fur coat, a sequined pair of shorts… the list goes on and on.  Yes, I have found all of these things and more!  Chicago has some great vintage, yo!

Embroidered. Pink. Cowboy. Boots.

And what I discovered from thrifting is that I secretly love Gap pants.  They fit (yay!), and are surprisingly comfortable.  I would never in a million years have even considered buying Gap(long story short, I think the salespeople are kinda snotty), if not for Goodwill pricing. 

Also?  J-crew.  That stuff is built Ford tough, baby!  I just bought a ocean blue beaded t-shirt, which I plan to wear until it falls apart.

May 8, 2012

DIY Monday

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I’m not sure if DIY monday is going to be a thing or not.  Or if it’s going to be actually on mondays.  But for now, I’m trying it out.

I have a beautiful silver top from old navy that I bought for a wedding a few years ago.  It was rather low cut in the back, but had a strap to keep it from completely falling off.  Sadly, the strap was no match for the power of my bosom, and broke a few months ago.  But because I love the top I didn’t want to just throw it out.  So I figured out the perfect solution: a lace panel!  I just traced the shape of the back onto a small swatch of lace, cut it out, and basted it on with my sewing machine.  I double stitched it for added stability, and now I have a shiny new top!  Don’t you just love a happy ending?


That lace is super-soft, too!

May 5, 2012

Color Palette: Lake Michigan

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I have been feeling very inspired by the lake they call Michigan lately.

This? Very inspiring.

It seems like these colors have been colonizing my closet.  I was surprised to find that I have very little black any more.  Blue, teal, and light grey have taken over!  Even my jewelry is feeling the aquatic vibe. (metaphorically speaking.  I assume my jewelry doesn’t actually feel things… or does it?!)

My palette of the moment starts with this beaded tank:

Shiny like the oil slicked lake waters!

Paired with these earrings by ylang23

This D&G cardigan is ridiculously priced at $500, but I could DIY something similar for around $30.

And last, but not least we have these Guess jeans in a vibrant aqua.

In true Chicago style, these will not work with anything else in your closet, and will fight with everything you own.

May 2, 2012

Cute Thing of the Week: First Week of May

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Today’s Cute Thing of the Week comes courtesy of Renew, an adorable vintage shop in Geneva, IL.  I will devote a full post just to them soon!

Anthropologie (?) tunic top with a flower and umbrella print (I wanted this, but alas, it was huuugely too big, so I passed.  Know your limits, say I)

I won’t lie, I really love the print more than the shirt!

Tiny! Umbrellas! (I am dead of cute!)

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