April 23, 2012

Favorite Thiiiings! (i can’t sing, really, so be glad you can’t hear me)

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Sometimes your “favorite things” aren’t.  That embroidered satin pleated skirt that you love?  Yeaaaaah, you never wear that. In fact, why is that even still in your closet?  You should get rid of it. 

Your ~real~ favorite things?… are what you wear most often; the goes-with-anything miss congenialities of your closet, kitchen or ipod.

What’s the thing you wear most?  Cobalt blue Aeropostale thermal undershirt.  Looks great peeking out from the sleeves of a button up.  Jewelry- still my twisted fulani silver earrings I got from the art museum in Philly.  My best jewelry purchase ever, bar none.

Cook /Eat most? Marinated vegetables with ground turkey, pasta and marinara sauce.  The most beautiful leftovers, I could just drool!  Also?  Ranch flavored rice chips.  I will try three different stores if I can’t find these things.  Also also?  Mango wafer cookies.  These are so good, I don’t even know!  Words. Fail.  My go-to work snack.

Song listened to most?  My ipod informs me that my most listened to song is “I love the way you’re breaking my heart” by Delicatessen.


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