April 30, 2012

DIY Monday

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Today’s post is dedicated to the wonderful Ll, who is my Chicago shopping Guru!

I mentioned casually to Ll that it is really freaking freezing where I work, so she went into her closet and brought me a whole passel of her cardigans for me to choose from.  Isn’t that really sweet?  Passel, by the way, is a technical term.  But I choose a black one and a soft off-white cardigan, thanked her profusely, and was much less cold at work. 

Fast forward a month or so and I found this beautiful cobalt blue silk fabric swatch (on sale!) at the fabric store that I just knew I could do something awesome with.  So I decided to “dress up” my wonderful black cardigan, and give it a fabric embellishment.  It was really simple, I just cut a rectangle into the silk, folded the ends under, and hand-basted it onto the front of the cardigan.  Which gave me this!

It's a shame I'm such a bad photographer, because this looks amazing in real life~

So I’m wearing it today, in honor of Ll, who doesn’t have a blog, but if she did it would be about how to be awesome.  AT LIFE!


Warning: awesomeness not shown at actual size.



April 28, 2012

Chevron Love

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I have a slight hang-up when it comes to vertical stripes.  I just don’t love them. 

What I am loving right now, is chevrons, which are ~almost~ stripes.  But not really.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck a chevron is?

This is an example of a chevron pattern. Also? How cool is this chair! It's kind of mesmerizing...

Basically, a chevron is a zig zag stripe.  I have been seeing them everywhere. ( And by everywhere I mean on the internet. ) It’s classic; and with its bold, simple repeat chevrons are a great place to start if you are new to trying patterns and/ or stripes.   Just stay away from yellow and black or it will look a little too Charlie Brown.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…per se.  

Hipster Ariel hates Charlie Brown.

April 25, 2012

My Secret Vice…

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It’s vintage (oh the shame, the SHAME)

No, I’m just kidding.  I LOVE vintage!  Half my wardrobe came second hand and I’m not ashamed to say so!

My latest thrift purchase is a Jovovich/Hawk tunic top in a star print.  (Yes, that would be Mila Jovovich’s now sadly defunct line of clothing)

I love star prints! They're like polka dots, only a thousand times more awesome!

 If you only knew how I agonized over getting this in the dressing room!  The sleeves are kinda an awkward length, but I just fell in love with it like woah and like damn.  And I can remove sleeves.  My sewing machine is my best friend. Seriously, you guys, this top makes me very happy!  It’s a little bit rock and roll, a little bit country and a whole lotta just plain fun.

April 23, 2012

Favorite Thiiiings! (i can’t sing, really, so be glad you can’t hear me)

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Sometimes your “favorite things” aren’t.  That embroidered satin pleated skirt that you love?  Yeaaaaah, you never wear that. In fact, why is that even still in your closet?  You should get rid of it. 

Your ~real~ favorite things?… are what you wear most often; the goes-with-anything miss congenialities of your closet, kitchen or ipod.

What’s the thing you wear most?  Cobalt blue Aeropostale thermal undershirt.  Looks great peeking out from the sleeves of a button up.  Jewelry- still my twisted fulani silver earrings I got from the art museum in Philly.  My best jewelry purchase ever, bar none.

Cook /Eat most? Marinated vegetables with ground turkey, pasta and marinara sauce.  The most beautiful leftovers, I could just drool!  Also?  Ranch flavored rice chips.  I will try three different stores if I can’t find these things.  Also also?  Mango wafer cookies.  These are so good, I don’t even know!  Words. Fail.  My go-to work snack.

Song listened to most?  My ipod informs me that my most listened to song is “I love the way you’re breaking my heart” by Delicatessen.

Where has the time gone!

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I posted last.  My life has turned upside down and inside out since then.  So much is different, and I’ve really been trying to come to terms with massive changes.  It’s difficult, but I finally feel like I have breathing room again, and something to say.  My style is undergoing a transformation, and while it’s still chic with a twist, I’m definitely searching for a wardrobe identity.  So I’ve come back to my blog to chronicle finding myself through fashion all over again.  To my friends who urged me on: thank you!  I love you and please stick with me~

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