April 21, 2011

Gift Guide

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April is birthday month in my house, so today I’m talking about presents. Sometimes fashion and style items are great presents; however, this can be hard to do right, as anyone who has ever gotten a too-baggy itchy sweater for Christmas will tell you.

When you are going to give the gift of fashion, it helps to know a person’s size. Even then, sizes can differ greatly from different stores and designers. My advice? Get something with some stretch. Like this featherweight cashmere cardi from J Crew. Clean and classy, good quality clothing is always appreciated.

If you don’t know your givee’s size, there are still options for you.  How about a cute funky accessory, like this whimsical cuff bracelet from Rosie & Roses?  I guarantee they won’t own anything like it.

Purses also make wonderful presents.  Purses tend to be one season items that we replace often, and wear out fast.  Buy something fun and exuberant, trendy and colorful, and your gift recipient will brag all year long!  Try something like this wooden handled clutch from shopmarysol.

Just remember, if all else fails, you can always give the gift of socks.

Really, this is a terrible idea. Please don't give the gift of socks.


April 17, 2011

Designer To Watch

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Danish designer Susanne Rutzou’s clothes aren’t the easiest thing to find in the U.S.  However, they are worth the search.

I love the quirky prints and the unexpected details of Rutzou’s clothing.  I also admire her design ethic, “Fashion is about your attitude of life.  Fashion should make people feel good, look their best and be comfortable.  I don’t like people to look like fashion victims.”

In Rutzou, you won’t.  You will look a fashion insider with a wardrobe that is two seasons of cool ahead of the rest of us.

April 13, 2011

Cute Thing of the Week

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I really want something girly and pretty.  Like this cami-top by Eberjey.

The print is called "under the sea" so it's perfect for Hipster Ariel


She loves it.

April 12, 2011

Color! is my new favorite color

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It’s spring!  Our tulips are blooming, and I want color! Color! Color!  In my wardrobe, of course.  Bright, intensely hued colors are a great way to get out of the winter blahs.

I bought a turquoise ruffle necked top from the sale rack at Target.

It looks kinda like this

I’m loving the little details, and it’s perfect to wear with last year’s shrunken bird-print cardigan.

My favorite cardi!

  But what I really want is this beautiful flirty dress from bluefly!  Perfectly fun and effortless for spring. 

This would look fabulous with a cropped leather jacket

The change of seasons is calling my name, and I am looking for some bright tops and maybe a print skirt or two to freshen up my (mostly black and grey) wardrobe.  Time for some ch-ch-changes!

April 9, 2011

My New Fashion Icon

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I love  Jeannie Mai!  So stylish.  And such a sweet, sweet person.

I am in love with this entire outfit! (even the high waisted jeans ~shame~)

Jeannie Mai is the host of “What Not To Wear.”  What I love about this woman is how incredibly compassionate and supportive she is, even to the worst fashion offenders (strippers, not kidding).  I just want to live in her closet!

Jeannie is the lady on the right.

Trending in Jewelry

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Spring 2011’s hot new trend?  Two words: feather jewelry.  I’m loving this trend, I like mixing it up with texture, and feathers are a nice counterbalance to a little shine. Like this pair of earrings from topshop:

Peacock feathers are a little over-done, so if you want to try something with a little color, consider these sleek earrings from shopcutezies:

That model is kinda freakin' me out, though.

Or this unusual pair from erayo.

If you are going to give this trend a try (and you should!) just remember a few rules.  Feathers look great with menswear-ish pieces or a rocker look.  Be careful not to wear them with clothing that looks too 70’s hippy-ish, as this ends up looking like you are trying too hard.  Also, don’t overdo the size.

Or you will end up looking like this poor girl.

 Less is more.  Really. 

Just make sure to throw them out when they become worn; otherwise you will look like you are wearing fishing lures.

April 7, 2011

Cute Thing of the Week

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I recently saw this rocker chic racerback top.  Check out the zebra print sequins!

Normally zebra print makes me nauseous

This is so effortlessly cool.   I have really been feeling a rock’n’roll vibe today!  I must be channeling my inner Joan Jett.

April 6, 2011

WTF Kenneth Cole

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While searching for a desperately wanted Kenneth Cole reaction shirt, I came across this photo on their website.

Flock of Seagulls wants their hairstyle back

Who is this pale dude with the freaky 80’s hair?  Is he supposed to be Edward Cullen?  WTF Kenneth Cole.  If your target audience is sparkly vampires, I think this is right on.  For everyone else, not so much.  Just say no to emo-Twilight.

April 1, 2011

Awesome Outerwear

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I am kind of in love with this burberrry trench.  I first saw it on Emma Watson, who is secretly my favorite British celeb.   This particular coat looks like the bastard love child of a leather biker jacket and a classy classic trench; but I love it so much.

That belt is hideous, though.

However, with a $2,700 price tag, I could never afford this.  Sigh. 

I’m giving some thought to buying both a leather biker jacket and a classic trench and putting them in a box together to make sweet sweet love and hoping for little baby trench/biker jackets.  Hmmm.

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