March 30, 2011

Shopping for Perfection – Jeans

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I’ve been trying to find a new pair of jeans lately.  Jeans are one of the most difficult things to buy; it’s hard to find a perfect pair.  However, I desperately needed them, so…on to the store.  I ended up buying 2 pairs, one from Target and another from TJ Maxx.  The Target pair were on sale ($15!) and were not in a size that I normally buy;  but I really needed jeans and these don’t press painfully on my navel (without going into a whole lot of detail, this is a major problem for me), so I purchased them.  This pair is a little loose and has some stretch to them, soooo they are sort of like pajama jeans. 

The comfort of pajama jeans without the embarassment of actually wearing them.

The problem is they are kinda loose and I end up pulling them up every 5 minutes.  I should look into belts, maybe(long story short, I don’t have any).

I also bought a pair (on sale $10) at TJ Maxx.  This pair is a dark Bandolino in a boyfriend style.  What I love about these is that they are not the typical dark denim color, they are a little more black.  They are also a nice heavy fabric, and have beautiful pockets.  These are not quite as comfortable as the Target pair, but they look better on me.

Long story short: I’m still looking for the perfect pair of jeans.  But these will do…for now.


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