March 20, 2011

Fun Accent Pieces: The Brooch

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I love brooches, and predict that they will be very in for spring.  So let’s have a look at this fun, retro trend! 

I myself have a lovely collection of quirky antique brooches, starting with my fave brooch, an antique green ladybug.  So cute! It looks kind of like this:

Like mine, except mine is cuter and greener

 You can buy this one.

If you want to incorporate brooches into your look, here are a few tips.  Start with just one; throw on too many and it comes off as old-ladyish.  Brooches can be placed on your lapel, worn on a necklace, or in your hair; don’t be afraid to get creative.  And here’s a tip for the DIY crowd, try making a lace brooch.  I have a beautiful lace owl brooch, it goes with everything and the lace incorporates another hot trend right now.  (here’s a tutorial)

Not sure where to go for brooches?  Here are some sites to try:

This unique swordfish brooch was handmade, and is on sale for $35

Swordfish: bad password, cute jewelry

Or if that is a little out of your price range here’s an enameled turtle from the amazon marketplace for about $15:

They say a turtle carries the whole world on its back...

Or if you want one-of-a-kind, here is a slightly gothic zombie brooch from lithiascreations on Etsy

Zombies are also a hot look for spring


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